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InĀ Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo, there are many important characters that have great depth, causing them to be extremely interesting. Bardugo writes the characters in a way that causes the readers to fall in love with them. While there are many great characters, there are five crucial ones to talk about. These include Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, Nina Zenik, Matthias Helvar, and Jesper Fahey.

Kaz Brekker

Kaz is a criminal mastermind operating as the top lieutenant for the most powerful gang in the underworld of Ketterdam. He is also the leader of the crew that has been hired to break into the Ice Court, a castle fortress that has never been infiltrated in history. Kaz is a young man, only 17, that has been forced to grow up quickly in a harsh world. He is viewed as an arrogant jerk by the few close to him, and as an unstoppable force of death by his enemies. Kaz is extremely smart and always has everything planned out, allowing him to have a natural swagger in his attitude. Originally, Kaz views the job as foolish and impossible, but he just can’t pass on the reward. With the money he receives from this job he will finally be able to get his revenge against the man who ruined his life and murdered his best friend, Pekka Rollins. Although he is extremely skilled, this job is the most difficult undertaking Kaz has ever experienced and many problems arise, such as his love for Inej.

Inej Ghafa

Inej is a deeply religious Suli girl who grew up as a trained acrobat in a traveling circus. One day she was captured by slavers in Ravaka and eventually ended up in Ketterdam. After being saved from pleasure house by Kaz Brekker she becomes part of his gang. Using her acrobat skills, and some training from Kaz, she becomes a master assassin, considered the most dangerous one in Ketterdam and earning the name of “Wraith”. Inej, while being a silent blade that never leaves a trace, is still an innocent little girl deep down inside even though she had been hardened by killing. She doesn’t understand why she works for Kaz when she could leave at any time, but it is slowly revealed throughout the book that she is deeply in love with Kaz. She hates him and how he acts, but can’t help but love him for who he really is, a kind-hearted soul who has been broken by tragedy. Inej will follow Kaz to the end of the world and beyond, completing any task he assigns.

Nina Zenik

Nina is a grisha Heartrender, a grisha who specializes in manipulating the human body. She grew up in Ravaka, but when a civil war erupted she was forced to quickly grow up and become a soldier. Nina fights for the crown by seeking out new grisha they can bring to their cause, until one day she is captured by grisha hunters called druskelle. One the way to Fjerda, homeland to the druskelle, to be executed they shipwreck on an island. Nina and Matthias Helvar, a druskelle, are the only survivors. They eventually become lovers and are saved, but then Nina betrays Matthias when they get to Kerch. She comes into service of Kaz Brekker’s gang and when she sees the chance to save Matthias she takes it, and joins Kaz’s crew. Too bad that Matthias hates her now, maybe. Nina is described as a beauty, but a deadly soldier, and has a love/hate relationship with Matthias throughout the book.

Matthias Helvar

Matthias is a druskelle from Fjerda, an elite soldier that specializes hunting and killing grisha. One day he captures a grisha named Nina Zenik, and on their way to him homeland their ship sinks. On an island alone with Nina, he falls in love with the enemy he has sworn to destroy. The doesn’t go well for him when she betrays him when they arrive in Ketterdam. He spends the next year in the prison of Hellgate, fighting for his life in the arena against deadly beasts. He is broken out by Kaz Brekker and his crew because of his intimate knowledge of the Ice Court. Kaz wants Matthias to draw a detailed map and explain the security procedures of the Ice Court, and to help them break in. Matthias has deep nationalistic pride and laughs at this proposal, but is swayed to comply when he realizes that Kaz is his only hope to returning to his old life as a druskelle. The main problem wth this is that he has to work closely with Nina Zenik, the woman who ruined his life, the also the woman he loves.

Jesper Fahey

Jesper is a Zemeni born sharpshooter who is part of Kaz’s crew. As a child Jesper learned that he had a knack for fighting and killing, during a civil war in his country he learned how to use a rifle with great skill. He eventually relocates to Ketterdam to escape his war torn country, and quickly becomes enticed with gambling and the life of the underworld. Jesper ends up as a member of Kaz’s gang, amd become Kaz’s most trusted friend. Jesper provides much comical relief throughout the book, and has a very stand out and fun personality. He plans to use the money from the job to finance his gambling addiction, but first he has to use his deadly skills to survive this crazy job.

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