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Two songs that I felt really needed to be in the soundtrack for this book was the Halo Theme and The Monster. The Halo Theme is by Martin O’Donnell and really embodies the mysterious power of the Augurs, there is a certain mystique to the song that fits them well.  The Monster is a song by Eminem and has many lyrics describing the horrible monster that lives inside a person and how you can lose you humanity, the perfectly describes the Commandant. The thing I loved most about my novel was Elias, as a character I think he is really awesome. I also am very interested in the Augurs, I find their mysterious nature very cool.

Book Show and Tell #2

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In the 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey, a teenage girl is surviving alone in a post apocalyptic world. As the story follows her journey through the world there are flashbacks to her life before the alien invasion. She describes how the invasion began, first a ship appeared in the sky, then the Waves began. The Waves are successive attacks by the aliens that caused mass destruction and death, first they blocked all communications, then they dropped a massive piece of metal onto a fault that caused huge tsunamis and earthquakes. This forced the surviving human population to moved inland to seek shelter, then they released a deadly virus that killed millions. Back in the present she is on a mission to find her brother who is being trained at a military camp to fight against the aliens. On her way to find him she gets into a gunfight and is seriously injured. She eventually passes out in the snow, but is found by a guy who nurses her back to health and then joins her on her mission.

Blog #6

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The gold statue represents the sliver, metallic masks that the Masks in the book wear.

Sarah standing on top the the ledge represents the imposing nature of the Commandant. In the book she is describes as short and blonde so Sarah fits the description. She is also giving off a controlling aura and menacing look.


Here Christian is lifting weights to represent the tough training that the Masks have to undergo in order to survive and graduate.

Blog #3

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Brandon Sanderson is an American author of fantasy and science fiction literature. He has a very strong online presence, he is active on multiple social media platforms and even had his own website. It is important that he has a strong online presence in order to get more exposure for his books. A strong presence also allows for support and encouragement. One of my favorite authors is Frank Herbert, and he has a professionally done website. He was born on October 8th, 1920 in Tacoma, Washington. He moved around a lot during his life, but mostly spent his time in Washington and California. Herbert served in WWII as a photographer, then came back and eventually married in 1940. He attended the University of Washington, but did not graduate. Herbert lived a tumultuous life and had a strong criticism against communism. He wrote many famous novels such as Dune and The Lazarus Effect, and other major works from the science fiction genre. I do not think many other students would like his books because his writing style is very complex and difficult to understand, you have to take your time with it and figure a lot of things out on your own.

My epic name is Mirror, and my power is that I can copy the powers of other epics, and I also have telekinesis. My weakness is that the more I use a copied power, the weaker I become when it is used against me.

Brian Herbert

Book Show and Tell

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The book I chose is Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. It follows the stories of Kaladin, a former soldier turned slave, and the princess of a dying house, Shallan Davar. Kaladin ends up in his situation as a slave through a series of horrible events and betrayals. Shallan is traveling across the world trying to gain favor from the princess of the royal family in order to save her house. Through their trials they both come to realize that they have inherited legendary powers that were thought to have been lost to the world. But these amazing powers only make things way more dangerous and complicated for them. This book is amazing, it constantly keeps the interest of the readers with the twists and turns of the story. The is a amazing conflict and realistic characters struggling to get by. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read, or people that love the fantasy genre. 

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I am going to read a series called Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, I first saw these books when they were recommended for me on the kindle app. I am currently reading the first book of the series and plan to have one finished at least every month.

Blog #2

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Steelheart was only a child when he watched his parents die. His parents had decided to bring him along to a concert they had been anticipating, they felt that he would greatly enjoy the experience. It was a long drive out to the venue, part of the reason for this was because this was a very popular band, and they needed to find a place that could accommodate the large amount of fans. His father had difficulty finding a place to park, complaining, “I really wished that people knew how to drive and park, idiots!”. He had a tendency to get road rage, especially after long drives.

Entering the concert hall was relatively quick and easy due to the VIP passes his parents had purchased. They were able to find their seats, at the front in a roped off section of seats. His mother went to get them some food before the show began. Steelheart had always been an observant boy, so it was no surprise that he noticed the shady figues making their way back and forth along the edges of the concert hall. He said to his father, “Daddy, I see some bad men over there.”, gesturing to the figures. His father thought nothing of the comment, telling his son that his imagination was running wild again.

Soon after his mother returned and they enjoyed their food. When the musicians began playing the loud sounds starlted Steeheart. He was not prepared for the music that was currently assaulting his ears, or the rabid crowd around him that was wildly cheering and singing along horribly. Although he was initially shocked by the chaos that was unfolding, he began to enjoy and became enthralled with all the lights and noises. He was so swept up in the atmosphere of the concert hall that he didn’t notice the shady men from before lining up along the edges of the building. That was when the screams began.

It started with shouts that were more than just people enjoying themselves, then evolved into screams of terror and pain. The band abruptly stopped playing as concert goers ran in every direction. The shady men Steelheart had seen were firing into the crowd with machine guns. Panicked, his father picked him up, and all three of them ran to the nearest emergency exit. The police officers that were supposed to be providing security had long since fled to safety instead of protecting civilians. As they made it to the door his mother fell without a sound, a bullet had gone straight through her head and she was dead before she hit the ground. At the time Steelheart did not realize what had happened and called out for her as his father left her behind. His father continued to run, leaving the woman he loved dead on the floor. Right as he placed his hand on the emergency exit door he too fell to the ground, with young Steelheart in his arms. Steelheart laid there, immobile, paralyzed by fear and pinned under the body of his father. He stayed that way for what seemed like hours until he heard sirens and was eventually found by an armored police unit. While he should have been relieved to be saved, he was not. He only felt intense hatred for everything and everyone around him. Nobody had even tried to save his poor parents, even the security for the concert. Steelheart vowed that day to get revenge on the world.

Blog #1

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Hi, I’m Christian, and I enjoy reading a lot. I feel like I will have fun in this class because I will be interested in the books we are reading. I learned how to read at a very young age, and my favorite book is Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson and I love the entire series. I can easily get into books, and read many at one time. My favorite genre is science fiction.

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