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“Why are you like this?” Young steelheart asked his sister. Of course, he went by Declan back then, he wouldn’t be known as steelheart for another year or so.

“Because why would I try to do good if nothing good ever happens to me,” his sister answered. She had just stolen an apple from a young child. Food was scarce for them. She’d become cynical after their parent’s death. He hadn’t seen her smile since that day, it was only a year ago but it seemed like an eternity. Their parents were killed the day Calamity came. Declan and his sister were left orphaned, alone, to fend for themselves the streets of Chicago. She was happy before, and it pained young Declan to his sister suffer. He still believed in the good of humanity but it was getting harder when his only family was so pessimistic.

“Still, don’t you believe in karma? Or helping others less fortunate?” Declan begged, hoping for any hint sympathy or goodness his sister’s response. Anything at all to help keep him positive and giving, for those were the characteristics his parents were best known for. Instead of a loving response, his sister pulled him in close and said in a sharp tone, “Do you really think any of that matters? Bad things happen to the best people. Look at what happened to mom and dad. Bad things will happen to you no matter what. The world is bad and even if you try your hardest to help make it a better place, someone will come along and try even harder to ruin it. So stop caring about everyone else and start caring about yourself, you are number one always. If you have a heart of steel, then you can never be hurt.”

Declan’s head was pounding, he couldn’t believe what his sister had just said. He was so fragile then, he didn’t know what to think or believe. He wanted so badly to be good but it was getting harder and harder these days. Then with almost impeccable timing, an epic rose above them in the sky. he wore a mask darker than night night and was shooting our energy from his hands at any passing bystander unfortunate enough to be standing in his aim.

Declan looked at his sister, too stunned to know what to do and looking for some sort of direction, “Run,” she tried to scream but was cut short. The epic had hit her and she was pulverized mid-word. Declan screamed for his sister, all that he had left was gone. Then a strong force wrapped around him and pulled him into the sky. He struggled but soon gave up knowing where he was going, Calamity. Everything he loved had been ripped away from him. It was then with the image of his sister and her last words in his mind that his heart turned to steel.

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