2.2 Book Reviews

What I read was: A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’engle it is 240 pages and I would rate it a 4 stars.

How it starts: It starts of with a dragon that only the main character And her name is Meg and her little brother’s name is Charles Wallace and he does not even care about the dragons he acts as if he does not see them or hear Meg talking about it.

How it gets complicated: It gets complicated because they need to go through a portal to go and get there dad and Meg can not focis her energy and so it is making it very difficult to do so.

What I liked: I really liked how Charles gets out of something by Meg telling him that her and there dad loved  them ever so much and that made it so Charles was not trapped.

What I disliked: It never ended it was always something bad would happen there was never just a cute calm and sweet moment and if there was it would be interrupted by something bad that happened.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to anyone that liked action but mainly girls. I feel like people that want action and trill but still likes cute and sweet every once and a while would love this book.

on not being seen

Conner wants to be seen but he does not want to be seen as the boys mom who has Canser But every one who does see him he pushes away because i think he does that because they know about his mom and he is scared about that and he just want to run away from it instead of facing it with family and loved ones. He is just scared and does not know what to do about it yet. Its sad because his family brings it up so he thinks that he cant go to them to get help.

The Meaning of Stories

What is the point of a story if there is no meaning? I think in the book there is  meaning and he does not want to just tell him he wants him to figure it out himself and to reflect it in his life. But if we are just talking in general maybe the point is the story line and if it is relatable. Other than that there is no point to a story.

Why does the Monster keep showing up? I think that he keeps showing up to maybe get the story out of Conner like the three stories for one. I mainly think there is a lesion behind it the monster just does not want to tell Conner the monster wants Conner to figure it out for himself or maybe the monster is in Conner’s imagination and Conner does not know the stories lesion yet and needs to figure it out himself

How I survive Hard things

Me and many others have gone thought hard things, Things do get pretty rought sometimes ad some times people have harder triles than others but it really depends on how you take it that really matters if you think on the positive side on things you could take it like this ” By going through this rough time it may make me a better person” I know one of my harest triles is making me a better person all the time every day. You could be going through so many things and sometimes they are really hard to get over and sometimes the best way to is just to cry and then realize you wasted an hour on crying and try to be happy instead “don’t worry be happy”

2.1 book reviews

What i read was A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’engle its 240 pages long And I really like it so far its very good and I would recomend.

How it starts is really cool it right off the bat starts talking about dragons and how meg the main caricter is telling her amazingly smart brother about it and he does not care he is more caught up on what he wants on his sandwich But it is a lot of that type of thing were Charles Wallace also known as Meg’s little smart brother just is so smart he is able to create fake life with his brain one again the dragons

How it gets complicated you may think Something crazy happens but were i am at so far the hardest challenge is school you have the remember they are still kids, kids that don’t fit in and that don’t have a father and It’s quite hard for them.

What I liked is the little boy (Charles Wallace) and how sweet he is and smart and how young he is it must be so hard for him and yet he is always so cute and happy and always helping Meg even when he needs help too. The best part tho by far  was when Charles comes out and just knows Meg was scared and he said ” What happened” and he just knew something was wrong and I just loved that.

What I disliked was the constant need of action the author would never just let is be cute and nice and calm it was all ways like Charles and meg just calmly sat in the medo but not for long because they had to fight the giant in the feld.

Recommendation I would recommend this to someone that likes action and just a genaral good story and I think tom girls would like this like girls that like action and a good story once again. 

The Book Thief Film Review

I liked the movie but I liked the book much more just because it showed more of deaths perspetive and I think that that is the part that makes the book unique, Like in the book it says deaths perspective on Hans when he is scooping up  the people just like death does to the sols. I did like the movie but i feel like it could show more of death.

What did the movie do well? I think the movie did grate at showing liesels feelings and show her life better I think.

What did the movie do poorly? once again with deaths perspective.

Ways it was like the book: It showed a lot of the parts didn’t really leave things out.

Ways the movie was not like the book: It was grate but I really feel like they should have stepped up the death game, which sounds scary but it’s not.



What I thought of the movie over all: I really liked it I would reconed people to watch it but Tell them they have to read the book first most of the time books are soo much better than the movie but I feel like this got really close to being just as good.

The power of words

In The Book Thief there is a story Max rights and it in my oppinion it is about how people in Nazi Germany and controled by the words of Hitler and how people that were nice and kind people terned in to hating unfair people controled by Hitler but Liesal grows her own tree of words and it grows taller than all the others because she knows the power of words and I think it is saying how she will not listen to Hitler and how she will not give up her belives and when the man comes up who I think is Max she will finaly come down and listen but keep her good path going.

I have learned that the power of words are so strong. If you tell people to do things they will not listen nor learn but if you ask or word it different they obay and learn better. If you are a teacher (Green) and you say this book swears deal with it compared to hey so this book swears but it is a good book and you should definitly look at the positive it make other want to read the book more even if there is swearing.Image result for nice words

Foreshadowing in The Book Thief

In last night reading in the pages we read, there was a part in the beganig that was saying that The book thief and Rudy found a dictionary and liesel peddeled vigurisly to go and get in the window of the mayors house. Hans got a secondhand radio so he could know when people are coming around the house before they came. I feel like that will end up having a big input one the whole story because it will alert them if the Nazi party is going to come instead of Liesel having to get hurt to go inside to tell them.

A little light in the darkness

In The Book Thief Max finds happiness in dark times including Word war and Liesel can still show a little bit of light is this sad and dark time. I have had an experience like this in my life were I was felling stressed and over worked and upset and my 2 little brothers helped me get through this time by my little brother that is 11 he made sure i was okay and he sat and talking to my and her helped me then he turned on some music and had my 3 year old brother come in and started to dance all silly like and it gave my a more positive outlook and cheered me and and most of all helped me see the light in small dark places.

A book thief is born.

In the begining of The Book Thief Liesel is a scared young girl that in my oppinion is very strong and independent and as you keep reading you see that as Hans teaches her to read and not to wet the bed you start to see Liesel become more matture and you see her grow up a lot and after a few years past Liesel starts to come out of her shell and I feel like that kinda has her get her own appenion like in chapter page Liesel says I hate Hitler and Hans slaps her and tells her she can never say that in Nazi Germany and it says that it hurt worse when he did it because he did not do it often and so it was badder than when Rosa did it. I feel like Liesel got worse in some ways and better in other ways. For the first time she actually stole a book the other 2 times she kinda just found them.