My Favorite Things

Before I say anything else, I love hummingbirds. They are, by far, my favorite bird. In my backyard, during the summer, there are these beautiful trumpet vines. The trumpet vines attract hummingbirds, and I love watching them zip around the blooming flowers, just doing what they were born to do. Hummingbirds are the smallest kind of bird, but that doesn’t make them less in my mind. Despite their small size, these tiny fliers find a way to make everything they do meaningful.

I also love foxes. These wild canines are known for being sly and mischievous. The most famous species of fox is the red fox, named for their rusty red coats. The red fox, in my own personal opinion, is a beautiful animal, and I would love to learn more about these wonderful creatures.

I know there are plenty of dog fans out there, but I consider myself a cat person. Cats are well-known for their sleeping habits, which I find rather amusing. Most people say their cats won’t come when they call, but I don’t really experience that problem. I love cats, and will not pass up an opportunity to learn more about these funny little creatures.


December. We all know it as the last month of every year. It’s the time of year we always say “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Hanakah.” With all that happens, all families have their own traditions, whether it be sledding at a park, watching Christmas movies, or just having fun with family and friends. One of the many traditions I have in my family is watching the movie “The Polar Express.” We can’t help but sing along to the songs. We also enjoy watching one vesion of “A Christmas Carol” and listening to “The Forgotten Carols.” Decorating a Christmas tree and caroling with extended family also occupy spots on the list of my family’s traditions.

Many students love December for the fact that we get off school for about two weeks. Getting off school leave us with nothing to do. Of course, this also means we have a lot of freedom to do anything we want. My plans for Winter Break include sleeping and (hopefully) beating Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I might also write some and maybe even publish a chapter or two on a fanfiction website.

The new year is something many people both look forward to and dread the coming of. Most people set goals for the new year, new year’s resolutions. My goals include trying to keep up with my schoolwork, making a stronger update schedule, and maybe trying to lose some weight (though that last one is mostly because my mom will force me to go to the gym more).

Happy holidays!

Metacognition Term One

Metacognition means awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. It can apply to my grades in the sense that you can’t fix a bad grade if you’re unaware of it being a bad grade. In the beginning of the year, my reading number was 1297. My best assignment this quarter was the chemistry tests in science. I wish I had remembered my book report for english, both when it was due and when I could’ve brought it in.

I’m probably just going to stay at home for fall break. After fall break, I’m mostly looking forward to a fresh start, if I’m being honest. I don’t know my plans for Thanksgiving yet, but I can’t imagine us not doing anything. Maybe I’ll meet up with some of my relitives on my dad’s side.As for my plans for Christmas, I don’t know know if we’re staying here or going to Montana to be with relitives on my mom’s side, but I know I’m going to have at least a little fun.

Plans for term two? I’m hoping for at least B+ or better in all my classes. How I’m going to achive that goal? Do my best and hope for the best. Either that or I’m just going to wing it. I’m not entirely sure, honestly.

Declare my T1 book

This term, I’m reading I Heard That Song Before. The front cover of my book looks like this.

Here is the Amazon link.

I chose this book because I enjoy mystery and suspense and my teacher recommended this author. The book itself seemed interesting.

The reading level according to Amazon is adult.

The author of my book is Mary Higgins Clark.

Here is a picture of the author.

Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Clarissa Stirling. If you’re reading this, great. If not, whatever.

One thing you should know about me is that I love Ninjago (but only the TV show, the movie is terrible).  My favorite pastime is hanging out in the Ninjago fandom.

I particularly love reading fan fiction. I don’t expect you to know what that is, but if you do, wonderful.

I love watching Ninjago videos, whether it be speculative videos on YouTube or Ninjago episodes on Netflix (even though it only has seasons one through five).