Busy Worrying About the Next World

I have hand very religious people try to force me into religions or be more religious. I’m an atheist, but I still respect people with religions and I don’t question them or anything as long as they respect me back. Science just makes more sense to me. But y’know that’s just how I feel.

Religion has never been really my thing, my parents never really went to church or forced me to do anything like that. I went to church like 5 times when I was around 9, I haven’t been since. I don’t think out life would be much different with it, for the better or for the worse.
People have had tried to push me into region or “bully” me into it. Saying stuff like, “YOU’RE GOING TO HELL.” “REPENT OR BE BURNED.” And so on. Most people that know who I am, respect me and I’ve never had an issue with them. Yet there were a few of them.

Of course this isn’t meant to offend anyone, just stating what I am and what I believe. If you’re Christian, good for you, if you’re a Buddhist, awesome, if you’re Muslim, epic. We’re just people.

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Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

You never know what a person is going through, feeling, or thinking unless they tell you. Which most people don’t. When people do tell me things, I try to go into their shoes, “crawl into their skin”. Getting to know someones POV (point of view), could help you understand that person a lot more. Which could be very helpful if you do it correctly. It could strengthen your relationship with that person. Which is good, and they could become very close with you, they could feel like they have someone to turn to because you understand them. Which could gain you friends.

Where I’m From

When I was first born, I was here, in PG. But then when I was around 8 my mom met my (now old) step dad, Robert. They got married, so they started living together down in Springville.  I came along of course. Rob had a son, which became my step brother and they stayed together for around 6-ish years. Then when 2019 hit, the first day of the new year, my mom told me they were having a divorce. Then I left to live with my biological father’s house, still in Springville, my mom actually lived with us too. My biological father and my mom are pretty good friends for ex’s, which was super cool and good for us. He helped us in a time of absolute need. We stayed there for like a month then moved into what  I currently call home, my grandparent’s basement. It’s alright, we have everything we need and such, but it’s still kind of annoying since we don’t have our own space. That’s kinda the quick, non-detailed version of it. I haven’t moved a lot, but it’s a lot for me.


Springville’s (aka Art City’s) Art Museum:

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Getting to Know My Inner Voice

My inner voice is extremely distracting. Almost every word he said opened other tracks my brain could go down, and it took them. Just random thoughts made me go into another world, making me zone reality out. Which isn’t very great for reading, which might explain why reading is such a pain for me. I do think it runs when we don’t even notice. I think it’s what talks in our heads when we type. What we’re thinking, always. Commenting on everything. Which is kinda cool if you think about. It can do all of this without us even noticing, and no one else can hear it but ourselves. It helps us. I think that’s cool.

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Water. We die without it. We have little of it in some places. Yet we are surrounded by it. We swim in the surrounding water, that’s the most we can do with it. We have animals in the water. But, we don’t know what we really have down there…

He stands at the beach, feeling the sand crunch under his feet when he scrunches his toes. He stares at the water, feeling numb. His sister calls to him from the water. “C’mon Niko! It’s fun.” Niko, his nickname his sister gave to him. His full name is Nikolai Petrov.  Russian visitors, coming to the US. They’ve been called spies already, but no, they aren’t. He says realized that he zoned out while thinking, but nothing in response to his sister calling to him. The water crashes on the sand, making it wet, and brown. They’re here for vacation, why can’t he relax? Maybe it’s his anxiety. He’s not sure.



Everybody Was Finally Equal!

We keep the smart ones down, we insulting them, push the bar higher because we expect them to do even more, make them do more. We overwhelm them. We feel stupid, or we are falling behind if the higher people get affection or achievements. So we tend to really bring them down to our level. So we can feel better and more equal. But it hurts them, we cant be completely equal, people have differences. For better or for worse. You can’t change who you are. As much as you’d like to. We like to feel better about ourselves because you’re on the same level as a super smart person, or a good athlete. It makes us feel better. But it’s not the right way to get those feelings.


What Story Did I Enjoy Most?

“August 2026: There will come soft rains” was the story I enjoyed the most. I love the 50’s and (correct me if i’m wrong) it’s in a 50’s themed house, plus it’s places in the future so that shakes it up a little bit. I also like the idea of nuclear  warfare. I love to learn about wars so, that seems just like an extremely interesting event. If it were real, I would love to learn about it and answer my lasting questions.

Just for recap, it was about a house that was all on it’s own. There seemed to be a bomb that went off in the city it was next too. Leaving most things dead, besides a few animals. The house can still work and such, so that’s why it fights against the fire began to burn the home. Which the home was then lost to the fire.

I did think that the author did an amazing job of making the house seem so alive and well. You feel like you’re there and you see all the little mechanical mice running around and the doors and such. But I didn’t like the dog dying, that kinda hurt my soul. But it’s fine.

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The Good Stuff

Okay, I’m gonna say one of the most used “Thankful” statements, but no one can stop me so hAh.


.I thankful for my mother. She supports me through everything, and she shows it pretty well. She accepts me for who I am, even if she doesn’t really understand. She brings me happiness, even in my darkest periods. She makes me laugh, smile, and feel good about being myself. I love my father equally, but we don’t get along as much as me and my mom. But she did effect me in not a good way sometimes. I can vent, rant, and say anything I need to, at her. She helps me a lot, I couldn’t ask for anyone different.

(ok i bet 3rd graders would say something like this but it’s how i feel so fricc off)

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What’s This Got to Do With Me?

I read A Jury of Her Peers. What I learned is that I’m unable to be calm and hold in big situations or things. Mrs. Writte is so calm when her husband is friggin’ dead. I would be the opposite. I would’ve called the second I saw anything. She just didn’t even call, she just rocked back and forth on her chair and waited until someone came looking to him, to talk to him. Which is freaky and scary. Hiding things eat me up inside. But I can hold it for a long, LONG time. Months, could be years. But big things eat me alive so. I can’t deal with big guilt and stress. That’s when I tell someone immediately.

“Free! Body and Soul Free!”

Bad relationships, and mental issues are the main ones. Mental illness can really mess someone up inside. Mental illness will make someone not want to do different things. But it depends on the illness, and bad relationships can make someone not want to be around that person, or they feel they can not talk to them about things. But yet again, it all depends on what the situation is.

Being free from that can mean the world to the person. If you’ve never had to deal with those things then you don’t know how much it means. But it does mean so much to the person once they are free from that stress and feelings.

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