the good stuff

the best things in my life are my extended family and my friends. i always love hanging out with them cause they bring me so much joy, they’re always there for me in any way. i love them so much and am looking forward to more good memories in the future. it also makes me […]

everybody was finally equal

I can see that now some people are like that, I see it a lot at school and it happens to most of my friends. For example if a girl likes this guy but this other girl asked him out and he says yes then that can make the other girl jealous and she can […]

what’s on my mind?

what’s on my mind is, honestly a lot. mainly right now is some drama going on and what i’m gonna do later today because my life at home is pretty boring unless i’m with a friend or whatever. also food sounds pretty good too, especially cold cereal, and how i actually wish it wasn’t Friday […]

what’s this got to do with me?

This story really connects with me, It shows that billy weaver can trust the landlady because she is very nice and sweet. But in the end she was crazy and just wanted to stuff his body, like she did the other people. it’s kinda like meeting new people and getting their trust and sometimes it […]

“Free! Body and soul free!”

I can think of many things that I feel like I’m trapped inside or locked in. for one thing i feel trapped cause of my parents. they’re very controlling and sensitive about everything. it’s super annoying. they still treat me like a young kid that doesn’t know much, when i’m actually the one telling them […]

who am i as a writer?

Now that i’m older writing is a lot easier now that teachers teach so much better than in elementary like in keyboarding, the teacher is so much better and actually teaches and now i can type so much faster now without looking. Sometimes it’s kinda hard putting stuff together and for it to make sense, […]

my reading journy

When a was younger i read a lot in elementary cause they actually made us so i was like whatever i have to deal with it and i learned to enjoy it. now that i’m older i have a lot more things to do i fell away from reading and didn’t really care as much […]

Hello world!

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