Climbing into other people’s skin

Climbing into another persons skin means that you are seeing their situation from their perspective. It’s not illegal because some people can help you when they’ve had that situation. If she can connect with other folks then they will start to like her and she will be able to get along with them. Sometimes I do this with my brothers when they do something ill just say that I have had this same experience and then I give them advice on what to do next. It can be helpful if it is a hard situation, if it is not a hard situation then it sometimes cant be annoying. This can be a helpful subject if you don’t take it too far.

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I think that empathy is feeling how someone is feeling. Like showing or relating an experience that you have personally had. Some people need empathy to show that they have emotions also. You get empathy by having an emotional thought, then you remember that thought and when someone else is having an experience like you had then you can share and maybe make them feel better. I once got hurt on my bike and I didn’t like it. After a couple of years my brother had the same experience and I told him what happened to me and I told him how to fix it. I think that everybody feels empathy for something.

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2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

I did pretty good at writing the argumentative essay last semester and I felt pretty good about my behavior also. My greatest success was finishing a book!!! I have been struggling on reading books and I finally finished it. I struggled a little bit with the informative essay because I didn’t really understand it. If we wright another essay I will try my best to understand it and to try better with it. My goal is to finish another book by the end of this year. It may be tough but I know with determination and stuff I will be able to accomplish it.

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We need to know what to do when we are trying to state a point. This is useful because in the future we will be able to know how to get our readers attention and how to prove a point and how to explain a story or a poem of some sort. This will do us good in almost all of our English classes and in everything we know. Even when we design a produce we will still be able to use this process over and over. The head of the chart it does say that “WE are all DESIGNERS!”.

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Promoting Changed

I think that it is the peoples responsibility to change society when it gets rough. Just like in the 1930’s when racism was really bad. Usually there is one person who stands up against the crowd and does something heroic and then people follow them and then the more and more people there are the more power there is to change our society. It is our responsibility to change society because we are the society. But we don’t want to change society too much because that could ruin it for good. We need someone who can lead the people and change society to something good and we need it now. If we couldn’t change society then the government must do something about it.

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Thanksgivings words of the week

One year on Thanksgiving I was a little mad at my parents for not letting me be the taste tester for one of the pies we were making. So when the time cam to eat those pies my parents didn’t let me eat the pie because I was pestering them about eating it. So I had a plan that if I started being reclusive then they would let me me have some. Well it didn’t work and I fount that very repugnant. The next day I went into the fridge and ate all of the leftover pie. No one knows about that till this day.

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The search for the perfect book

I was scrolling down the list and I came upon a book called The Fault in Our Stars. It looked like a really good book from first sight. I started looking at the comments and all of them were amazing reviews and it just blew me away what I read. I would highly recommend at least taking a look at this book because it seems so amazing! This is part of a review “This is a book virtually guaranteed to make one cry like a baby. It’s funny, tragic, and is very much a YA version of the book version of “A Walk to Remember.” The characters are absolutely lovable, and you cannot help but be dragged in, even as you know full well that the whole “cancer support group” thing virtually guarantees an emotional roller coaster”. I believe that if you start reading this then you wont be able to put it down.

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How I define equality

We take equality too seriously. I think that the definition of should be that we treat everybody just like one another. And that no matter what we look think act like we still should be treated like normal people. In the declaration of independence they talked about being equal also. Still to this day we don’t treat everybody like they should even tho it is in the declaration of independence. It says that all men are created equal  and some people don’t get that term. I would like to see everybody being nice to one another and everybody happy about who they are.

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I am a detective trying to solve the greatest mystery. Someone has just gotten murdered in a haunted house. And they left no evidence execpt for a dead person and writing on the wall saying that i’m next, and that if I don’t figure out who did it in the next 48 hours then I will be their next victim. So I walked into the being very apprehensive haunted house that had no electricity so I had to use a flashlight. Then I noticed something ominous…ITS A TRAP!!! So having good dodging skills I dodged the blade that was heading right for my head and karate chopped that person who was trying to kill me. And guess who it was…DOUGLAS JENKINS!!!!!!!!! Luckily he went to jail to spend the rest of his life there.

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The Sticky Issue of Equality

Being equal is the best thing to do because it show that we know how to act like regular people and not just people who don’t know how to act. No matter what are features are no matter what we look, act, think, say, do, we are all equal. Even though it has happened when people think they are better than other people they are really just jealous of the people they are making fun of. If we didn’t have a government then we wouldn’t be able to have a stable country and slavery would be everywhere. Because everybody listens to the government then we have a stable country.

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