Word nerd 3.3

Source: Enna Burning By Shannon Hale page two pages before page one:)

Context: the woman unrolled the oiled cloth and took out the vellum, looking again at the writing that had started the end of her everything.

In their words:

fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf.
smooth writing paper imitating vellum.
in my words: A piece of dried skin of an animal that is used as parchment/paper.


What’s the deal with stories?

I think that stories are a window into the inner workings of the world.  True or not, they give us an opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. You can laugh and cry and grow and learn with the characters of an incredible story. It’s living a different life in a different place in a different time. So many Ideas are floating around in our brains, and many more have been written down or typed up or scribbled onto cave walls in the history of the world. Stories aren’t just some fun made up scenario, some stories make up the records and history of our world. They shape and individualize cultures such as Greek and roman mythology. We use stories to explain and understand the world around us. We use them to take us to a far away place when we are stuck where we are. They remember people and places long after they are gone.

Word nerd 3.2

source: The pursuit of Lady Harriet, Rachel Anderson, page 152 kindle edition

quote: “You simply need to work on your… comportment a bit more.”

definition: behavior; bearing

So comportment is just the way you act or conduct yourself in society.


Book review 3.1

I read the book The Pursuit of Lady Harriet by Rachel Anderson, regency romance, 261 pages. 4.2 stars out of five.

Lady Harriet is an intelligent, beautiful, confidant young lady.  She’s staying at an estate in Europe called Tangle wood while her dear friends who own the estate are on a honeymoon. She thinks it will be an incredible independence moment, but no, after a week she is bored out of her mind. So she goes for a walk on a beautiful day. She comes up to the road and sees a man, expertly riding his horse at top speed down the road. she stops to admire his skills when he rides straight by her and leaves her sputtering, covered from head to toe in mud.

she walks home in fumes, when she realizes an old friend of Jonathon’s (one of her friends on the honeymoon) has arrived. And yup, you guessed it! The long time friend was none other than the rider who had left her standing in mud, Lieutenant Jamison. Harriet decided from that point on, they were to be engaged in a battle of wits. What she didn’t expect was how good the man would be. He might just beat her at her own game.

I really liked how the story was about an independent woman. It also had a lot of irony and funny moments which I liked.

I didn’t like how the plot unfolded towards the end, like the ending was fine, but there were some really cringy moments near it that made me angry.

I don’t think very many people would love this book, it’s kind of an acquired taste. But if you like romance and plot twists, try this one out

Deep thinker 3.2

Source: The pursuit of lady Harriett, Rachel Anderson, kindle edition

Quote: “If everyone had weaknesses, it must follow that everyone had strengths as well. She simply needed to figure out what hers were and stop allowing the lieutenant to make her doubt their existence.”

So Lady Harriett has just finished complaining to her friend Cora about a lieutenant who is making her feel inferior. Cora said something along the lines of everyone has weaknesses, life wouldn’t be worth living if everyone was perfect. So this is what was going through Harriett’s head afterwards.

I really liked this passage because everyone has weaknesses. And as she said here, that means everyone has strengths too. And even though sometimes we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are non-existent. It also reminded me of the quote “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” which goes to say that you can’t control other people, but you can control you and you can be happy knowing you have strengths.

Deep thinker 3.1

Source: The pursuit of lady Harriett, Rachel Anderson, kindle edition

“Everyone has weaknesses. in a way, it’s what makes life worth living, don’t you think? If we were all perfect individuals, there would be no room for growth, learning, or joy when we finally do overcome.”

So in this book Harriett, the main character is complaining to her friend Cora about a lieutenant who continues besting her at everything and is beating her in their battle of wills. Harriett just said it’s like he has no weakness! That was Cora’s response.

I really liked this passage because it touches on the way we think. We all know that we have weaknesses, but sometimes it is hard not to be bitter or confused about someone who seems to have none. This really throws into perspective that no one is perfect. We are all Human, and therefore imperfect. If we were perfect then life wouldn’t have a point. The whole purpose is to grow and you would find no joy in living if you were already perfect and had nothing to learn and improve.


The Best book I ever read

One of my all time favorite books is Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It’s a regency romance (I’m sorry I’m a sucker for the regency romances) about a young woman named Marianne. She lives in a city in Europe called Bath with her grandmother, a rich widow. But, Marianne hates it there. All she wants is to live with her father and take care of him in the country. So, when she gets a letter from her highly social and sophisticated sister, Cecily, she cannot wait to visit her, Cecily’s friend, and the Man that Cecily wants to marry. I mean, she doesn’t care about the last two, she just wants to see her sister and get out of her boring old city. And so she asks her Grandmother if she can go. Now just to set some things straight, her grandmother is old. And filthy rich. So she tell’s Marianne if she can go become a composed young lady and can prove it to her Grandmother, she will inherit some extremely large sum of money. Anyway she starts her way there in a carriage and they get stopped by a highwayman. Anyway, it’s really interesting, intense and has a good romance, I would recommend reading it because its a good mix of adventure in there. If you like romances, but get bored of them then try this one because it’s pretty interesting.