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Synopsis :In this future dystopian society there is no such thing as death everyone lives as long as they can Imagine but people still children so the population is a growing concern so humans have to make there own “Reaper” the create a society of people to go around and kill people the do this unbiasedly and try to not judge based on any factor now that go emend is no more they create a computer based government call the cloud the controls almost everything in there world and they are constantly needing new scythe so one man takes on 2 apprentices named Citra and Rowan a role neither wants the must master the art of taking life knowing that with failure comes death to one or both of them
Review: this is an incredible book where as most of us will never be forced with this situation we can really relate to both main characters in completely different ways and in both characters we see the inner struggles of good and bad or life and death as they navigate this new world of having to “Glean” people aka kill them at some parts it can be a gruesome book but in the end its a really good book and reveals many truths about are own society as it touches on morales such as loyalty compassion and companionship Overall I really love this book and really look forward to reading the 3rd book that just came out I recommend it to any body who is looking for a good science fiction dystopian book that has never been done before That’s full off adventure

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My name is Cole Campbell and I’ve been reading for as long as I remember In kindergarten I read my first book and I’ve loved it ever sense I really love fiction science fiction and fantasy books when I was 9 I fell in love with the Harry Potter franchise and the Michael vey books I love to read in my room or in my car today I love to read scythe and the red rising series I’m good at reading multiple books at a time but I like to finish one and just start another

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