Blog 3 Series Project 1

I’m reading Scud The Disposable Assassin. It’s a series of graphic novels by Rob Schrab. We follow a defective disposable assassin that refuses to self destruct. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while after having it recommended to me by friends and now I have a reason to. I haven’t read any of it yet, but plan to finish it within the next month or so.

Steelheart Backstory – Cole Huntsman

Steelheart was always egotistical, but never had the means to get his way in the world. Working a dead end job, staring into a cold blinking screen day after day. Constantly doing the work of those more powerful than him. Physically weak and unappealing in nearly every way, forever bitter.His life seemed to revolve around the company he worked for. He had no control over his own life, let alone those around him. And yet he had a psychopathic desire for control over others. Eventually, he became content with the fact those twisted desires would never be fulfilled. Until a strange phenomenon gave him inhuman powers.

He no longer feared thugs with guns. Not even an army posed any threat against him. He was completely immune to their ammunition, no matter the firepower. He also had the bizarre ability to turn anything to steel. This put him on a complete power trip. He started planning how he would take over the city and eventually the world. Being treated like a nobody in the past fueled his need for control and fear. He wanted the people around him to feel as powerless as he once felt.

There was a point where people believed that Steelheart was a hero, but that was before he completely stopped caring what people around him thought, as long as they knew they were below him. He made it his full time mission to make the city his. He wanted to prove he was the ultimate Epic. Forcing other Epics to join him for a slice of the cake or die. He wanted to establish a tyrannical rule with himself sitting on the throne. He managed to do so because nobody could stop him.

Now Steelheart rules over a city he turned to pure steel. Newcago was now his property, as was everyone living in it. If anybody dared step up and fight against his tyrannical reign, he had no doubt he could destroy them effortlessly. He was indestructible and had an army of Epics on his side, fighting his fights for him. There was never the slightest concern that a human held any chance at taking him down. Steelheart’s complete lack of doubt and egotistical nature could be his downfall.


I first learned to read properly in kindergarten. My favorite book series is Scott Pilgrim. I don’t read often, but when I do I prefer peace and quiet. I read books one at a time for sure. My favorite books are usually graphic novels. I really love art in general, and I think stories are told best visually. I can enjoy a book without art as well, I just really love art. I think the sentiment of comics and graphic novels being less than books without pictures is really lame. There’s a certain undeserved stigma against visual storytelling that I don’t agree with at all.