Casting Characters

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Ramarro would be played by Shaun Ross. In the book, it defines Ramarro as “Scary tall. At least eight feet.” While Ross isn’t quite that tall, he is 6 feet 1 inch, which make him kind of tall. Another reason Ross could fit into the role of “An albino man with long white hair,” is because Ross is albino himself. He also has a “lean, powerful phsique.”

Cole would be played by Tim Holland, Because he is a teenager, and in the first book, Cole is described by how he would “Often make jokes” and Holland can be funny, like in Spiderman. He also isdescribeds as “brave.” in his other roles, Tim does brave stuff, like swing through Queens on webs. He is also kind. And if Spiderman isnt’t kind, I don’t know who is.

Kendo Rattan would be played by Kumail Nanjiana. He fits the description of Kendo beacause he (Kendo) is a “short man,” has “Asian features, and, according to one of the characters “[looks] quite young,” and Nanjiana fits these descriptions.

For my choice character, I would do the perennial serpent, I would do Morgan Freeman becauase he is a voice actor and can “hiss.”


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