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In my book, Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull, the setting is in the outskirts, a fictional kingdom that is in another dimension. There are five kingdoms in the Outskirts, and they are called Sambria, Elloweer, Necronum, Zeropolis, and Creon. The two main kingdoms that the characters visit in my book are Creon and Sambria. They also visit earth in two parts of the book.

The book is set at a modern time. The main character lived in a moderns house, played soccer, and did other modern things until he got stuck in the Outskirts. Another reason you can tell that it is modern is because he sent his family emails. They also go and visit on ald grand shaper at his appartment on Earth, and from the description in the book, it is defiantly  modern.

During the most important event of my book, the final battle, they are on a cloud castle and it is windy and dark. During another important part, when they find the place where a lot of old grand shapers are hiding out, it is windy and sunny. The place they are at has stuff from all over the human world. It has signs, carousels, and even a McDonald’s.

Casting Characters

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Ramarro would be played by Shaun Ross. In the book, it defines Ramarro as “Scary tall. At least eight feet.” While Ross isn’t quite that tall, he is 6 feet 1 inch, which make him kind of tall. Another reason Ross could fit into the role of “An albino man with long white hair,” is because Ross is albino himself. He also has a “lean, powerful phsique.”

Cole would be played by Tim Holland, Because he is a teenager, and in the first book, Cole is described by how he would “Often make jokes” and Holland can be funny, like in Spiderman. He also isdescribeds as “brave.” in his other roles, Tim does brave stuff, like swing through Queens on webs. He is also kind. And if Spiderman isnt’t kind, I don’t know who is.

Kendo Rattan would be played by Kumail Nanjiana. He fits the description of Kendo beacause he (Kendo) is a “short man,” has “Asian features, and, according to one of the characters “[looks] quite young,” and Nanjiana fits these descriptions.

For my choice character, I would do the perennial serpent, I would do Morgan Freeman becauase he is a voice actor and can “hiss.”


Book report

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For my last book report I am going to read the fifth book of the five kingdoms series.I chose it because I have been waiting on it for a long time.

The grade level of this book is 5-8. The main character is around 14 years old.  I got this info from Amazon.

The author is well known in Utah. He is Brandon Mull. He has no rewards for this book. This book is very anticipated and is ranked high on Amazon, though.

In this book report, I might write about how there will be a big battle and how Cole is stranded in the Outskirts with no way home in sight. I  will probably write about Cole’s final battle with the torivor.

My call to adventure

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Almost every day in my life is the same, I wake up, go to school, hang out, and then I go to bed. It has been like that for a long time. It is not very often that something new happens. But when it does it is exciting.

A few months ago, I started wrestling. I had never  done this before. Life was becoming boring before that. It was not very interesting. But then I decided, after thinking for a while, to start wrestling. At first it was not the greatest, but now, I love it.

A year ago, I was thinking about  wrestling,  but I decided not to because I did not want to put in the work. My dad tried to convince me, but I did not want to. I wish I would have.

My mentors are my coaches, and my dad. They have all helped me to  get better at the sport, and they are one of the reasons that I like it. Without them, I would not have as much fun.


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One time that I am glad someone pushed me to do something I did not want to is when I tried out skiing. My first time, I was not very good, wasn’t dressed well, and I did not like it. The next time my dad went skiing at Sundance, He told me that I should try it again. I did not want to, but after a long time, he convinced me to give it one last try. This time I did a lot better and had a lot more fun. I,m still not very good, but now I enjoy skiing a lot more.

Some qualities that I think make a hero are generous, and kind. Heroes are willing to sacrifice for their friends. some people that I think are heroes are my dad because he has to deal with my older brother all the time. This is hard because he also has to provide for his family. Including me. He works hard, and has a Master’s degree. He is strong and was a wrestler. He is boss. He helps provide for us in a way that no one else could. there are seven kids in our family, and he makes each one of us feel special

BLOG post

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Over Christmas break I watched the new star wars movie. It was dumb.  I opened my presents Christmas morning and  my favorite present was a drone.On the thirty first,my cousins came over for a Christmas party. My grandpa gave me a nutcracker that was from Germany. On new years eve I played games at my cousin’s house. We watched night in the museum. It was a fun Christmas break. I enjoyed it.

I decided to read the Eldest, because I have it but have not read it. I have heard it is very good from my brother and some of my friends.It is the second book in the Inheritance series It was written by the author Christopher Paolini. This is his page on the site Wikipedia –  The reading level of this book is grades 7-9v I know this because it says on amazon.

My new years resolution is to run a seven minute mile in p.e. next year. (In ninth grade.) I am working on running.

Analyzing ” The Anthem of Awesome”

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Judging on the title of the poem “The Anthem of Awesome,” this poem is about all people being awesome.  The poem is about even though we may be old and gray and we are not perfect, we still have worked hard for something, and that makes us interesting. The song says We are not beautiful like we used to be, but we are beautiful like we are now.The tone of the poem feels cheerful.  In the second half of the poem it changes from the sentence structure like great to greater to that every piece of us is a great trophy. This tells us not to be ashamed of our “gray hair.”  After this, the poem’s title has new meaning. It now means to me that our trial are what make us awesome. This poem means we may not be as great as we once were, but we are still awesome.

End of Term

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This term, when I read, it was for fun it took me about two weeks to read my book just reading in class.  I did not feel rushed. I was done fast, and had time to read other books. next quarter I am going to choose a longer book so I will remember it more during book reports. I will write down important quotes for the book report when I find them so I do not have to go through it again.

The easy thing about blog posts was that Mrs. Phippen was specific about what to write.  The hard thing was coming up with ideas.  I wish we had more time in class to do assignments on longer posts.

I liked my book report because it was fun to build.  I wish I had done a better presentation.  Next time, I will find better quotes.

If I could redo the term, I would do better on my book report by geeting quotes wile I am reading my book.

Symbols and theme

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An important symbol in my book, Gears of  Revolution, is a mechanical dragon, and a blimp. They both show that while technology  can be used for bad, it can also be used for good.

Based on the cover, the big message is that technology is a powerful tool that can be used for good.  The book is marketed to boys, I can tell because there are dragons and it is mostly blue and red. I think the cover was made incorrectly, because the kids never actually fly in the blimp, because the villain steals it. If I were designing the cover, I would have put a mechanical dragon fighting the blimp, because that is more accurate, according to the story.

I feel like the theme of the book is that technology is neither good nor bad. The author shows that by having the technology do bad things in the hands of the villain but is good in the hands of the heroes.


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The main/major characters is my book, Gears of Revolution are Chrochane, Trenton, and Kastilla, and Plucky, and Leo babbage. The minor characters are the red robes, and the citizens. The static characters are Plucky, the red robes, and Chrochane, and Leo Babbage. The round characters are Trenton and Kastilla. The protagonists are Trenton, and Kastilla. The antagonists are Chrochoane and the red robes. The nemisis is the dragons, and the sidekick is Plucky.

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