Blog #6 Every Day Social Justice Issue

The book Every Day deals with a couple of different issues throughout the story, touching on problems like drug addiction, depression, suicide, etc. However, the thing it talks about most consistently is identity. The main character switches bodies every day, so they don’t really think of themselves as a specific gender, race, body type, or any other determining factor of identity. The problem with this is that they don’t really know who they are as a person. Even though the book is framed as a sort of love story between A (the main character) and Rhiannon, the true story isn’t about A getting the girl. It’s more about A finding an identity. The book also deals with gender a fair amount, since A is a different person every day and thus is switching constantly. Since A gets all the perspectives, the message seems to boil down to “people really aren’t so different after all.” It’s a clever way of addressing the issue without making it the main focus of the story, and the author makes it work very well. Overall, Every Day is a very interesting social justice book in that it deals with the issues in an almost sneaky way, without putting them front and center in the story. It seems like this might be an effort to say “it isn’t really a big deal what a person’s background is or how they identify themselves unless we make it a big deal.” It’s a good message of mutual respect between everyone, and it works well within this book.

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