Book Show and Tell #2

For my Book Show and Tell this term I chose The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. This is one of my favorite books, for a lot of different reasons. It’s the story of a middle school kid named Holling Hoodhood, and the book basically covers his seventh grade year in 1967/68. Every Wednesday, all his classmates go to either Hebrew school or Catechism, and he, being the only Presbyterian, is stuck in class for the afternoon. At first Holling is convinced that his teacher, Mrs. Baker, hates him. But as the year goes on, she starts using the time to read the plays of Shakespeare with him, and they start developing a sort of friendship. The plays also serve as a kind of allegory for the other events in Holling’s life, whether it be his parents, his friends or even the war in Vietnam. Overall, this is a fantastic, genuine, and hilarious novel that I would recommend to anyone interested in the 60’s, Shakespeare, or just good books in general.

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