Not Being Seen

I think the reason why Conor wants to be seen so desperately is because he wants to tell someone of what he’s going threw. I think the reason he’s pushing away everyone away is because that everyone is only going to be his friend out of sympathy of his mom. I think one of the reason why Conor wants to be punished is because if he gets in trouble he’ll feel like they aren’t giving him sympathy for his mom’s cancer. This has to do with the monster because the monster is trying to tell him that his mom’s not getting any better and that he needs to except that. Being seen is important because people are aware of you and what you are you are going through. When someone feels unseen they should go cry themselves to sleep in their room.

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Stories don’t always have happy endings

In this passage, Conor’s dad is trying to tell him that the medicine his mom is on isn’t going to work and that Conor needs to accept that fact. The reason there are sad stories is that in life there always isn’t a happy ending. And In books there is almost always a happy ending the authors were just trying to be more realistic. We try and read sad books in hope that there is going to be an happy ending. The point in sad stories is to show that not everything has to end in a happy ever after.

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Word nerd 1.11

Source: “The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan, page 325

Context: ” Hazel saw desperation in her eyes.”

In their words: “a state of despair, typically one which results in rash or extreme behavior.”

In my words: Very worried or scared

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Word Nerd 1.9

Source: “The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan, page 253

Context: “He wondered if gorgon blood could cure basilisk poison….

In Their words: “a mythical reptile with a lethal gaze or breath, hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg.”

In my words:  A mythical Reptile

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When the monster said he attacked the parsons house instead of the healers house I was confused. I kinda of see why the monster attacked the parsons house because when the parson really needed the healers help he would do anything for it. But when he didn’t need the healers help he was destroying the healers business. Believing in something means that you feel that its the truth and with out any proof. They need to believe that it is actually real with out any actual physical proof. The way this ties in for Conor and his mom is that he needs to believe that his moms treatments are going to work.

Word Nerd 1.8

Source: “ The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan, page 30

Context: “Shimmering purple warriors stood outside the armory, polishing ethereal swords.

In their words: “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.”

In my words: very easy to break and it looks to perfect to actually be real

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Deep Thinker 1.6

Source: ” The Son of Neptune ” by Rick Riordan, Page number 210

Quote: “Hazel almost wavered. She remembered her father’s promise: someday her curse would be washed away; a descendant of Neptune would bring her peace. He’d even said she might find a horse of her own. Maybe that strange stallion in the hills was meant for her. But none of that would happen if she died now. She’d never see Sammy again, or return to New Orleans. Her life would be thirteen short, bitter years with an unhappy ending.

Context: They Had just done a siege at camp Jupiter. And franks dad had just given Frank, Percy, and Hazel a quest. And Percy has just seen how crappy the roman navy was.

This Makes Me Think: I chose this passage because it i found it very interesting. Because the son of Neptune could be Percy. It also showed how much she hated her life.

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Deep Thinker 1.5

Source: ” The Son of Neptune ” by Rick Riordan, page 274

Quote: “Phineas looked amused. If he had heard the sword being drawn, he didn’t  seem concerned. “Fine, if you want to be noble and stick  with the losing side, that’s your business. But Gaea is waking. She’s already rewritten the rules of life and death! I’m alive again, and in exchange for my help-a prophecy here, a prophecy there-I get my fondest wish. The tables have been turned, so to speak. Now I can eat all I want, all day long, and the harpies have to watch and starve.”

Context: Hazel, Percy, and Frank were on their quest. And they had just got information on where a giant was but he was on a glacier but they didn’t know what glacier he was on.Image result for Glacier

This makes me think: I choose this passage because it was very interesting. Because he flat out told them that they were on the losing side. He was one of the first to say that. It made me think because Gaea is the stronger force because what can two camps of demigods do against a army of monsters.