Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

I think the biggest affect of keeping all the secrets that Liesel is keeping is going to break her mentally. I also think it’s going to take a huge tole on Liesel and that it well start weighing her down with every new secret she has to keep.  I think that keeping the secrets that Liesel is keeping is okay and not okay at the same time. One reason why i think its not okay is because she’s keeping it from her foster parents but if she does tell them she could be in a lot of trouble. But I think her keeping the secrets is justified because if she dosen’t it won’t just affect her but affect her family, friends and people she knows. And it will especially affect Max because if people find out that he’s in their basement he’ll probably get killed.

Max Abandoned His Family

Max abandoned his family, His family died as he survived. I think it was right for Max to leave his family because you can’t help anyone if your dead. I think it was right for Mac to save himself because, it’s better for one person to survive than none. I can also see how it was wrong because he was leaving his family behind and he wouldn’t see them ever again. But I still don’t think he should have stayed with them because at that point they were all waiting for death or waiting to be caught by the Nazi’s.


Source: “The Battle of Hackham Heath” by John Flanagan pg.166

Context: “Without the encumbrance of the Queen’s carriage and the need to stop continually to allow her to rest, Crowley made much better time on his return journey to Woldon Abbey.”

In their words: a burden or impediment.

In my words: someone who is a burden to someone

On Stealing

Ono of the many times that Lisel has stole something was when her and Rudy stole food from the kid on the bicycle. I think when they made him slip on the ice on his bicycle, that it was cruel and violent. I think that they’re doing all of the stealing either because they’re hungry or that they see something they want. It’s kind of justified because she’s hungry and trying to get food. But yet again when is stealing ever good. Some of he consequences that have come from her stealing so far was when she got caught stealing the book from the fire. I think some of the consequences that might happen in the future are maybe getting jail time or a punishment.

Are Books Dangerous?

I think the reason why the Nazi party thought that books were bad was because it would give the people a different idea, from what the Nazi party was doing. and that they might rebel. books can be dangerous if you throw it hard enough. but Books can also be dangerous mentally because it can change someones point of view on something. I think that books can be dangerous to about everybody. liberating is like releasing i think that books can release someone from their situations. Personally I think that books can be liberating because it can show people a different way.