Book Review 2.2

What I read: I read “Rangers Apprentice The early years The Battle of Hackham Heath” by John Flanagan, 346 pages

How it starts: It starts with Morgarath escaping his castle and killing a ranger and escaping to the moutains of rain and night. And after that they start destroying Morgaraths castle.

How it gets complicated: The way it gets complicated is when they hear rumors of the horrid creatures morgarath is getting for his army that was thought to be a myth. They want to know more about the army Morgarath is raising so they send Halt to check it out.

What i liked: One of my favorite things about this book is all the action. I also like how it introduces Gilen a character from rangers apprentice that becomes a ranger later in his life. I also liked yet again how it all ties in with the ranger apprentice series. I also like how it added Will into the story and a little bit of what happens to him.

What i disliked: One of the things I disliked was how there was only two books in this series. And how John Flanagan didn’t make the series any longer.

Recommendation: I yet again would recommend this book to anyone that likes the brother band chronicles, and rangers apprentice series. I think the readers that would enjoy this book are people that like fantasy adventure books.

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