You’ve Got a Friend in Rudy

Death already gave it away that Rudy Steiner is going to die we all just don’t know when. I think the reason why the author made Rudy do all these things is because his end is coming and he isn’t gonna live a very long life. I guess I don’t care alot about this character. One of the things I like about Rudy Steiner is how Loyal he is to his friends. One thing I don’t like about Rudy is how he is always trying to get a kiss from Liesel it’s getting pretty annoying. I think in the future Liesel is going to realize she loves Rudy but it’s going to be to late.

One thought on “You’ve Got a Friend in Rudy”

  1. When you mentioned in your post about how loyal he was that was one thing that I did not see and I think that your prediction is probobaly correct about Liesel loving Rudy.

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