deep thinker 2.5

Source: “Brother band Chronicles the Invaders” by John Flanagan page 18% through the book

Quote: ” He hammered at Thorns shield with the wooden axe, raining blow after blow hitting down with every ounce of his strength. ”

Context: The Herons had to Leave Halshom because a pirate named Zavac stole it while they were supposed to be watching it. So they left after zavac and his pirate crew . But I giant storm came in so they had to seek shelter on an island. And right now Thorn is training them. And the objarl is trying to figure out where the heron brotherband crew is right now.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it was well worded. It justed helped me visualize it a wooden axe being swung down at a wooden shield alot of times with a lot of force. It showed me how much the Heron brotherband crew has grown.

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