Deepthinker 2.2

Source: “Brother band Chronicles the Invaders” by John Flanagan

Quote: ” Erak and Svengal watched the waves surging Hallshoms narror harbor mouth. “Where they smashed against the protective rock walls on either side, white spray exploded high into the air.

Context: The Herons had to Leave Halshom because a pirate named Zavac stole Hallshoms prized possession while they were supposed to be watching it. So they left after Zavac and his pirate crew . But I giant storm came in so they had to seek shelter on an island. And right now Thorn is training them.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because It made me wonder about if this is how bad the weather is in Hallshom it must be way worse when the Heron brotherband crew were at see or when they’re at shelter bay. I felt bad for the Heron brotherband crew because they had to go threw these sucky condiions.

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