Source: “The Battle of Hackham Heath” by John Flanagan pg.166

Context: “Without the encumbrance of the Queen’s carriage and the need to stop continually to allow her to rest, Crowley made much better time on his return journey to Woldon Abbey.”

In their words: a burden or impediment.

In my words: someone who is a burden to someone


On Stealing

Ono of the many times that Lisel has stole something was when her and Rudy stole food from the kid on the bicycle. I think when they made him slip on the ice on his bicycle, that it was cruel and violent. I think that they’re doing all of the stealing either because they’re hungry or that they see something they want. It’s kind of justified because she’s hungry and trying to get food. But yet again when is stealing ever good. Some of he consequences that have come from her stealing so far was when she got caught stealing the book from the fire. I think some of the consequences that might happen in the future are maybe getting jail time or a punishment.

Are Books Dangerous?

I think the reason why the Nazi party thought that books were bad was because it would give the people a different idea, from what the Nazi party was doing. and that they might rebel. books can be dangerous if you throw it hard enough. but Books can also be dangerous mentally because it can change someones point of view on something. I think that books can be dangerous to about everybody. liberating is like releasing i think that books can release someone from their situations. Personally I think that books can be liberating because it can show people a different way.


The Book Thief……so far

After you we got passed most of the depressing parts of the book thief I started to like the book even more than I did before. Some of the things I personally really liked about the book so far is the characters. Another thing I really liked was how they put death as the narrator. I expect that something really big is going to happened soon in the book or that Liesl the main character is going to become a thief and steal a lot of stuff. I have not read the book thief before it is my first time. I have really enjoyed reading all the character development. I personally think the book thief is a good book.Image result for the book thief

What Would It Be Like?

Leisel Meminger’s life is very depressing for many different things. like wise losing her brother at a very early age. Also after losing your brother you have to say good bye to your mother and go stay with some random people. If i was in her shoes i would be beyond depressed and I would probably cry myself to sleep at night. It would be devastating to lose all the stuff she lost. It would probably tear and break the kid from the inside. I think she would survive by not looking back at her past and just to keep moving forward in life. I can’t even try to imagine all the stuff she went threw.

What I look for in a good character

Some of the things that I look for in a good character are, character development, and Also I like his life before all the action and important stuff happened. Another thing I look for in a good character is how relate able he or she is. One of the protagonist I cared about the most was Cole Randolph in the five kingdoms series because he was relate able and he tried to save his friends and failed. I think the author made the character really relate able and that was the reason why he was a good character in the book.

Book review of a monster calls

The “Monster Calls” is about this stuck up little brat named Conor. Conor’s mom has cancer and she doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Also Conor is being bullied at school and he is pushing his only friend away. Another thing is that a monster is starting to visit Conor and the monster told him that he is going to tell tales.

I think some of the big ideas in the story is that there’s not always happy endings at the end of stories. And there aren’t always good guys and bad guys. I think some of the issues the author was trying to show in the book is that not everything has to end in a happy ending.

I liked how they kinda made this story realistic besides the monster. But it kinda shows how that not everything ends in a happily ever after. I also liked all of the emotions in the book.

I disliked the third story because it really wasn’t really a story. Another thing i disliked was how vague the ending was. Also I didn’t like Conor because he was a stuck up little punk and everyone was trying to help him but he was being a butt head.

I think its a popular book because its pretty realistic except the monster. And it shows how stuff isn’t always happy. I think they wanted to make a movie about the book because the book did well so they thought they good earn some moola.

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Not Being Seen

I think the reason why Conor wants to be seen so desperately is because he wants to tell someone of what he’s going threw. I think the reason he’s pushing away everyone away is because that everyone is only going to be his friend out of sympathy of his mom. I think one of the reason why Conor wants to be punished is because if he gets in trouble he’ll feel like they aren’t giving him sympathy for his mom’s cancer. This has to do with the monster because the monster is trying to tell him that his mom’s not getting any better and that he needs to except that. Being seen is important because people are aware of you and what you are you are going through. When someone feels unseen they should go cry themselves to sleep in their room.

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Stories don’t always have happy endings

In this passage, Conor’s dad is trying to tell him that the medicine his mom is on isn’t going to work and that Conor needs to accept that fact. The reason there are sad stories is that in life there always isn’t a happy ending. And In books there is almost always a happy ending the authors were just trying to be more realistic. We try and read sad books in hope that there is going to be an happy ending. The point in sad stories is to show that not everything has to end in a happy ever after.

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