On Stealing

Leisel Memingar is stealing a lot, one of the times that she stole was when Leisel and Rudy stole a bunch of apples from an orchard. She is kind of reminding me of a little girl robin hood, but she is stealing from poor people instead of rich. It is funny how the narrator explains how she steals but it is getting a little extreme. I understand that it is a hard time for Germany right now but that doesn’t make up for the stealing.  Stealing doesn’t solve everything, every action has an effect. I think that Rudy’s and Leisels habits are going to come back around.



Deep Thinker #3

Renegades By Marrisa Meyer

Quote: “One cannot be brave who has no fear.”

Context: Nova is fighting the Renegade Sketch when she says this to him.

What this means to me: This Means to me that you cannot be brave when you don’t have fear, you need fear because it makes you alert and ready. To be brave you need to be able to look fear in the face.

Word Nerd- #9

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Evens

Context: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming out on this cold November night, this night that will live in history,

this night that for the first time on any stage anywhere, you have listened to the smooth saxaphonical musings of that prodigy of the reed, Mr. Sleepy LaBone!”


In Their Words: a highly talented child or youth

In My Words: A very talented person of young age that is barely coming out. 

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