What you need to know before you take this class.

This class is very interesting and fun to take if you can keep up and stay ahead. This class is a very good class if you like reading and writing. This class is not for the people who are looking for an easy A, you have to work towards it. But as long as you stay ahead, you’ll get that A. People think that all you need is an A but it is really based on what you have learned from the experiences that make it worth your time.

If you take this class it will be the best experience in 8th grade for you, because you will either learn to stay ahead and get a hard earned A from Mr. Green or you can get a D+. This class is a super fun class if you can keep up, but overall this is a great class to learn.

Solance of The Road by Sioban Dowd

When Solance was a kid she was driven to England from Ireland but couldn’t find her way back. She hates her foster family that has taken Holly in as their own. Holly has a problem, she hates life, she hates everything about her life. When Holly finds an old wig inside an old chest she is reminded of the life she wants and t


he character her mother and Holly had made in Ireland, her name was Solance. She is not Holly Hogan anymore she is the pretty, popular girl, doesn’t take crap from anybody… Solance. Holly is on a mission, she is going to go back to Ireland by hitch hiking her way there, no matter what it takes.  This story takes you on a ride through Europe and the life of a broken teenager and the way she overcomes her challenges.

I though that this book was very well written, I only thought that the author could put a little bit more character inside the book, but other wise I really like this book. I would give this book a three and a half stars just because I wasn’t really engaged in this book. But overall a good book to power through.

Deep Thinker 2.2

Solance of The Road by Sioban Dowd PAGE 5

Quote: Dreams are like mirrors. You walk towards them and a cold pane of glass stops you

Context: Solance is telling her life story about what happened before she ran.

What This Means to Me: This means to me that we all have to wake up sometime and sometimes that may mean facing relaty.

End-of-Life Dreams and Visions

Deep Thinker 2.1

Solance of The Road by Sioban Dowd PAGE 5

They’d Come and gone, the good guys, the bad, the ones who cared and the ones who didn’t.

Context: Solance is on the run from the foster care system and on her way back to Ireland.

What this means to me: This means to me that we need to know that there all not all good people in the world, you need to learn that there are many others that we can trust and cannot trust. We just have to learn how to tell the difference.

Hero Or Villain Van by Richard Yahyah Zemola — Kickstarter

I think that Conor wants to be seen so desperately is because of the way that he has been ignored for so long along with never being talked to by anybody. Conor is pushing away all the people he cares about, people who actually see him for who and what he is good and bad. Conor feels like all he is doing is making everything worse, like the world is going to end because of his actions, and he thinks that the only way to be seen is to be punished. I don’t really know what the Monster has to do with Conor’s Mum but I know that it has a meaning and it may not be what Conor thinks why The Monster came awalking.

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