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What Would It Be Like?

Loosing your family, your home and starting a new one would be hard for anyone that had to go through that, in stories we sometimes tend to relate ourselves and ask what we would be like in this situation, what would it be like?

Can you imagine having all the things you love, taken away from you and replaced with something new? Wouldn’t you be angry and mad all the time? I can’t imagine what this would be like, I just know that it would be the worst thing I would go through.  This would be like a worst nightmare, you think that you are dreaming but you never wake up.

I can’t imagine what Leisel Meminger went through, but I know that I would just hate every body.

He Was Without Imagination

The man from To Build A Fire by Jack London was without imagination, he was just facts. Imagination makes the monster in your closet become real, and the fairies and dragons  come alive. That imagination gives us fear and happiness, but this man had no imagination for him to fear the wilderness. Jack London is trying to tell us that imagination is something that is too important for us to

loose, I agree with this because the world is loosing that sense of imagination… The imagination that brings monsters and fairies alive, as we loose this imagination we become like this man, and we become all facts.

When you are without imagination you don’t see what could happen, you become short sited, not seeing the whole picture. The lack of imagination in Pleasant Grove, Utah would cause people to not be able to understand people.

Imagination makes you think of the unknown and without that part of the picture you don’t understand what could happen and what couldn’t happen.

Deep Thinker #1

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis: page 43

Quote: “And Bud, I want you always to remember, no matter how bad things look to you, no matter how dark the night, when one door closes, don’t worry because another door opens.”

Context: Bud is remembering his mother and the things she said and what she did. His mother was telling him about how she couldn’t tell him things until he was older but she told him this.

This Makes Me Think: This passage really made me think because of how the author wrote it, about how when one opportunity closes another one opens.

Bud, Not Buddy (Term 1 Book)

Bud, Not Buddy by ChristopherPaul Curtis

Bud is a motherless orphan, he doesn’t know who his father is but he knows he needs to find him. His mother had never told him who his father is but she did leave some clues left behind for him to follow. Buddy is on the run and nothing will stop him from finding his father, nothing.

This is one book that I’ll be reading this term.

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The Best Book I’ve Ever Read

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

The Renegades are a group of superheroes who went out of a broken city, divided by prodigies, humans with superpowers and regular people with no superpowers. These Renegades bring hope and courage for all except the villains that are now forced to hide under the ground.

Nova is out to finish the job and get revenge for the villains and herself. But then she meets a Renegade who changes everything when he starts believing in her.


What’s the Deal with Stories?

Stories teach us important things.  In every good story, there is a great lesson that the authors want to teach you. A good example of this is the Greeks.  The Greeks needed to understand what they didn’t know, so they made the stories of the Greek gods. Legends are based on truths, we may not know what they are, but they’re there. Stories shape who we are by telling us where we came from and teaching us things that we may not understand. When you know where you come from, you begin to know what history and stories that shaped your family, and who you are today.