love Moderatly

Romeo And Juliet Are lovers and they are going to burn out. Here’s the thing they are going to fast,  and rushing into it there barely know each other, and still want to be married. I mean they just skipped being engaged all together or evan dating. Also Friar Lawrence is a very stupid and […]


Why I think people are capable of hating so deeply is the fact that were human, and its in jeans hatred is bred into us. I don’t like Bush capers, or bush wookies. They ruin fortnight, They hid in bushes to wait to kill the last guy after he gets done fighting. Or you could […]

Should We Studie Shake Spear

No I think that if we had a part of him buy, I think we sould also look at other play writers. Then we could get a difernt feel of how it is. Kind’ve like we need to see other culturs that way everyone can feel invite, and were not just reading this old dead […]

What I dont Know About My Fellow Students

I learned that Hunter Bischoof has  a good heart. Even though he may do some really stupid stuff. He will always do what is right, I think that is one of the most important thing because if your always in the right side then you soud not have to be afriad of anything coming and […]

what makes people good

Well I belive what makes pople good is the fact of what they do with there life. You can live a good life but not hep anyone and end with not very many poelpe likeing you. or you can live a bad life and help people and ypu could be loved. so it deppends on […]

The book ”To Kill A Moking bird” is onweof the most succsesfull books I’ve read. In the begianing of the book its a nice little place to lives. Then wwhen stuff starts to happen in the town It starts to build pressuer and thats when the book starts to get really good. I think that […]

Good Stuff

I choose The quote Don’t fool yourselves It’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it. Why I like it is because Addicus is saying it and what it means to me is that there is going to be a day where black people. And I think […]

An Authority with corage

Well when I think of courage i think of Maximus because He is a hero and stode up the the roman empire. Well when I had the decision to become the emperor of rome I had a hard time with that because I want to live a simple life of my own. But then Commodus […]