Blog Post #3: News Article

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Coronavirus Treatment Beings Human Trials in China | Time

News Article From EBSCO: Japanese Flu Drug ‘Clearly Effective In Treating Corona Virus,’ Says China.

The medical authorities in Japan have found a flu drug that is significantly helping the Corona Virus. People have recovered a lot faster from it and have had major improvements in their lungs. They said, “improvements in lung condition in about 91% of the patients who were treated with Favipiravir, compared to 62% of those without the drug. It’s not perfect and it can’t cure the Corona Virus in more severe cases but it seems like a good start. With time they can develop it into something able to cure the virus and more people should know about it.


Post # 2: Background Information

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There are 37.4 million residents in Japan. Tokyo is Japan’s capital and largest city. It’s the 11th most populated country in the world. Japan tends to have long cold winters and very warm summers. Japan is the third largest national economy in the world. 84-96 percent of the Japanese population are part of the Shinto religion. More than 99 percent of the people speak Japanese. Sumo is their national sport.

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