An Authority on Courage and Integrity

I chose my dad as a person who is courageous and has integrity. If someone was asking him for help about a decision, this is what he would say. “You should always do the right thing, even if you are afraid to do it. Sometimes when people are afraid, they choose bad decisions, but even if you are afraid, you need to be courageous and have integrity. Sometimes if there is a big group and something bad is happening, lots of people don’t do anything about it because they are afraid, and they think that someone else is going to do something about it, but no one else will. Always do the right thing.”

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Blind Spots

I feel like Mr. Cunningham is not a good person because even though you are an honest person, and you take care of your kids even though you are poor, and always pay people back, you aren’t a good person if you are showing up to kill someone, and you are even worse of a person if the only reason you are doing it is because the guy is black. I get that Walter Cunningham might have just been influenced by the other men, but he still showed up to lynch Tom Robinson. To me that makes him a bad person.

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What Went Wrong With The Sub?

Last class with the sub a lot of people were being loud and playing music instead of doing their work. A lot of people were not in their assigned seats either. People could have just been quiet and done their work. The sub was trying to get people to calm down and be quiet, but nobody would listen. I was just trying to get my work done but it was kind of distracting with all of the noise. The sub said she didn’t care if we were listening to music, but when it started getting really loud she asked us to turn it off, but no one turned it off.

Real Courage

Atticus’s definition of courage is when you know you are going to lose but you try anyways, and just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you have courage. My definition of courage is doing something you are scared of. Atticus is trying to tell Jem that just because he had a gun and shot the sick dog doesn’t mean that he is super courageous, but he is trying to teach Jem that courage comes from knowing you will lose but going and doing it anyways. Atticus is courageous for defending Tom Robinson even though he knows people will judge him. Image result for courage


I think Atticus is really brave to be working on this case and to be on Tom Robinson’s side when no one else is because even though he knows he is going to lose, he knows it is better to try and lose than to give up and lose. He also probably wants to set a good example to his kids by not giving up. It is worth to try when you know you are going to lose because if you don’t try, you have no chance to win. If you try, you will have a greater chance to win and you aren’t giving up, even though you know you are going to lose.

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Climbing into Another Person’s Skin

Atticus was telling Scout about climbing into other people’s skin. He doesn’t mean literally climb into someone’s skin, he just means to look at life through their perspective. He said that looking at other people’s point of view will help her get along with people easier. This will help her get along with people because if someone is mean or sloppy or something like that, you can’t just immediately judge them, you have to get to know them and understand why they are that way. It is very helpful because if you don’t just judge people when you don’t know them, you can make more friends. 

Beliefs and Actions

Beliefs change the way we think and act, and that can change the way we live our lives. It is important to know what we believe because when we face a hard decision in life we can know what choice to make based on our beliefs. Our beliefs are formed usually during our childhood when we are taught certain things. Our beliefs shape our actions because when we believe something, when we make a choice, we use that belief to make the choice. For example, If you had the decision to do drugs, but you were taught that they are bad for you, you will probably not do them.

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The End is Halfway Upon Us!

I’m excited that the year is halfway over because I’m ready to go to the high school next year. I feel like I have worked pretty hard this semester, and gave all my assignments by best effort. I think something I could do better next semester is read more often. I don’t usually read in my free time at home, and I only read a few books so far this year. I really only read during reading time in this class. Another goal I have for the next semester is to get better at writing. I have one or two B’s right now, but next semester, I want to get all A’s. \

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The Sticky Issue of Equality

No one can truly be equal, every one is different. Someone is always going to be born with better abilities than you. In the times of slavery, whites had more rights than blacks. In the separate but equal law isn’t really fair because even though blacks and whites are separate, the white schools or churches were always better. For people to be equal, everyone should be able to go to the same schools and buildings, no matter the race. Our role is to treat everyone equal no matter what they look like, or what color their skin is, or what gender they are. We just need to treat everyone equal.

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1% Gain

In the article by James Clear about the power of the aggregation of marginal gains. One thing I need to improve on by one percent is writing. I need to get better at writing because the one thousand word narrative and all of the short stories were kind of hard for me. To improve, I would be writing more often. This will pay off because I will be able to write better and faster. In a month I will be writing in this class better doing short stories and essays. In a year, it will help me in high school to write better. In ten years, it will help me if I have a job that requires writing.

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