On stealing

When she stole the grave diggers handbook she really did not know that one decision was going to lead to more stealing in her life, I think that the stealing of the grave diggers handbook was not that bad because her brother just died and she needed something to remember him by. But I think as the book progresses it is getting more and more evident that she is stealing a lot more and I think that later in this book it is going to cause lots of problems and she will have wished she never stole.For now this is my opinion on Liesel Meminger’s stealing.

are books dangerous

I think that books can be tremendously affective wether it is in a good way or a bad way. One way it could affect is say you read a book that had the opinion of the Nazi that Germans are the superior race over all others, this type of book will probobaly convince you that the Nazi party is great in all ways and that they have no flaws what so ever which is very untrue. This same effect can also happen in the oppisite way with someone that is reading a book that is against the Nazi it will most likely give them the oppisite opinion that the Nazi suck.Overall though I think books can only be as dangerous as you let them to be and how much you trust and believe the book’s writing.

The Book Thief…………………………………………………so…………………………………………far

At the begging of this book it was very hard to understand and it was confusing to my young small sapling of a brain, but as I have gotten farther and farther into it then now loose ends that I did not fully understand at the begging are being connected all over the place. One thing that I found very interesting about this book and that Mr.Green has stated is the word choice is very unique and way the author describes things, and the reason that I use unique is because I do not think I have seen this in really any other book I have read. Overall I have been very pleased with this book so far my opinion might change later on but here is how I felt about the book thief so far.

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Book Review- A monster calls


Title: A monster calls      Genre: Fantasy     Page: 241

This story was about a kid fighting through a very big trial in his life. And having to overcome it. By learning of the true natures of humans and that it is okay what he thinks and through the whole book the monster wants him to tell the truth so he can feel clean and be able to live with how he feels. [Basically a therapy session with a tree].

The big theme that I got from this book is that a way to overcome depression or mental sickness which many members of my family have is to tell the truth and to know that you are not alone and other people are there looking out for you and rooting for you.

When thin that wanted me to keep reading that the artwork is amazing and you always want to see the next page and the thing that amazed me is that it looks like they did all the artistry from water color which I am horrible at watercolors which makes it that much more amazing.

Why I think readers connect with this book is because it relates to a lot of different people in different ways from what I saw throughout the book it hit me in many different aspects of my life and I could see ways I could change and get better and examples that Connor set to show us what not to do.

Word nerd 1.1

Title: Blink and Caution   Author: Tim Wyne-jones   Page: 1

Context:Look up at the Plaza Regent,blink in the shivery morning light.

In there words: A person who exercises the ruling power in a kingdom during the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign.

In my words: A ruler or someone that has authority when the sovereign is gone.

In Pictures: 

The wilderness of stories

I agree with the monster that stories can be wild things but I think that all stories should have morals and emphasis on doing the right thing cause in this day and age I know for sure that I have seen many people making wrong decisions whether it is the decision to smoke or the decision to drop out of school, and I think stories at least for me are a way to escape from my troubles into a better place.What I think the monster means by that stories can be wild things  is that the story we think we know always has a different way of looking at and there can be multiple things to learn from a story and multiple different morals.


I think that this made me feel annoyed and frustrated at first at why the Parson was being punished because I thought he did nothing wrong but as I thought about the reasoning from the monster why he did not punish the apothecary only the Parson I began to see that they both were not very good guys, and they should be punished for there bad doings. But as the monster said that the Parson was a man living off belief and he basically through his morals and his beliefs away to save his daughters which is one of the most selfish acts you could  do. I could start to see why the Parson was punished so deeply and why the Apothecary was not.

Book Review 1.2

Title:The Crossover   Author:Kwame alexander Genre:Fiction Number of pages:245   Rating:4.8 out of 5

How it starts:The Main character is Josh bell. He wants to become Professional basketball players like His dad but his brother Jordan bell  is also very good at basketball and dreams of a different future not in basketball. The setting takes place in a city as the kids are starting junior high

How it gets complicated: The thing that is standing in front of Josh is his self and his brother Jordan bell, as they start going into Junior high they start drifting apart as different challenges and Hurdles approach, and Josh bell has to figure out his life on and off the basketball court.

What I liked: What I liked a bout this particular story is that it has a very cool moral and I can relate to it Probably more than some other people because I have a very hard time controlling my emotions and my favorite sport that I play almost every day is basketball.The two technical choices that stood out to me the most was the writing is all poetry  and the words are are all put in different fonts and styles so it makes every page exciting to look at and every page has a word that vaguely describes what is going to happen on that page but then the poetry gives more detail.He also adds a lot of descriptive language and fits his words with the setting and place they are in.

What I disliked:   I did not like the part close to the end because I thought it was going to be one of the rare occasions were the book ends in a not so happy ending but It did not and Josh fought through the traumatic experience. The author did not do anything that bothered me really in the long run of the book.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to all thoughs that want a enduring story about a Teenage boy that is in love with basketball and the game is not just a game to him it is a lifestyle, and if you want a heartwarming enduring story about him over coming his emotions and obstacles in his life.

Book Review 1.1

Title:Counting on Grace      Author:Elizabeth Winthrop     Genre:Historical Fiction     Number of Pages:239     Rating: 4 out of 5

How it starts: Grace is the main character and at the beginning all she wants to do is to contribute to the family in the mill  [ChildLabor]  so they can pay for their family to keep everyone healthy and alive. The story takes place in the town of Pownal, Vermont.

How it gets complicated:What is standing in the way of getting what she thinks she wants is Arthur and Miss,Lesley Arthur is Graces friend that has a knack for learning and loves to read, and Miss,Lesley is a very dedicated and law upholding person that does not believe that children should work, and Miss,Lesly is getting in the way of Graces mom which she is also very opinionated with this causes a lot of tension between Miss,Lesley and Graces family.

What I Liked: I liked that they had a very clear way to see Graces opinion and view points of things change throughout the book and how she liked it and that helped me connect with Grace and see times where my mind has changed about something.The technical thing that I thought worked well is the wording is very precise with the time period so that helped me feel and imagine what it would be like to live then and have the trials Grace had.

What I disliked:I really did not dislike much from this book as you can see from my review that I really enjoyed it. But if I had to pick something I disliked it would be how sad the story is at some moments and how eye opening and sad some of the events are.

Recommendation: If you like books about perseverance, trust, and courage then I believe you will really enjoy this book also if you like books about trials or wars in american history because like those this  book is filled with action and worry.