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Today I am sick. I was a little sick last night but now I officially have a cold. I wish I could skip school, but I can’t. If I do I probably will get an F in one of my classes. The thing is I can’t skip tomorrow either! I have math today, which I can’t miss and I have biology tomorrow, which I can’t miss! Even though I sometimes enjoy those classes I would much rather be at home asleep then doing math that I don’t understand. The other thing is that I’m getting even more sick by the minute! I was in a teachers classroom this morning sitting in the classroom and they asked me if I was okay and I told her, “I’m sick.” Then she felt my head and said, “Wow honey your head is hot.” So I might have a fever now too but I still can’t leave because I have to go to math. :/

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5 thoughts on “Tell Me About It

  1. being sick sucks, but I would have skipped school and then done the makeup work, witch also sucks, so I just have a crummy day.

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