March 11

How Will I Dominate During Term 4

For term 4 I really want to do better in English. Improving my skills in English and getting on the reading board before the end of the school year. Not only do I want to do better in English, but I also want to try much harder in all of classes. Not having any tardies this term or missing assignments. Turning in all my assignments on time, not late, is one of my goals. Another goal is studying harder, or actually studying, for tests in the future. For term 4 one of my goals is to have a better GPA than what I have.

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March 5

Real Courage

The definition of courage that Atticus used in chapter eleven I would say is very accurate. He said that courage is not just picking up a gun. I think courage is also when you have to speak. speaking like when you need to stand up for someone who is being bullied, if a person stands up for the person who is being bullied that is like using courage. A person can have courage in their actions and words. Doing something you know that is right can be having courage at that time.

March 5

How I Feel About To Kill A Mockingbird

I really enjoyed reading this book, to be honest there were some chapters that I did not enjoy because a few of the chapters were boring. Overall though I think the book is a very inspirational book, it had a lot of wording and quotes that would be very inspirational to a lot of people. My most favorite parts in this book were when Atticus or any of the other adults in this book were talking to the kids about something that sounded very exciting or important. When I first started reading the book I thought it was very confusing and I didn’t understand what was going on, like when the characters were getting introduced. After reading the book I feel like everyone should read it at least once.

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February 26

Good Stuff From To Kill A Mockingbird

Atticus is talking to Jem and Scout when he says “They’ve done it before and they did tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it, seems that only children weep”. I might not be correct on what I think he’s saying but, I think he’s saying that them losing the trial has happened before. Not just losing any trial but one with a colored man as the witness. So Atticus is basically saying the court has done it before, they did it again that same night, and they won’t hesitate to do it again in the future.

February 19

An Authority on courage and integrity

I chose Kim Namjoon,

Doing the right thing is simple but can also be hard at times depending on what the situation might be. Like for when a member is sick and cannot attend an interview, do I have the manager cancel the interview or just continue without the member. Its hard being the leader of a seven member group because of all the pressure I get. I always try to do the right thing for my members. integrity and courage is not an easy thing to have, but if you really put your mind to it, you can really let go of any fear you have and just have courage to do something right. Many artists have these moments too, when they don’t know what to do and need help.

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February 8

Blind spots

In my opinion a person can be a good person, like in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Walter Cunningham is a character in that book and at first we see him as a good person. Then later in the book he seems to turn out racist wanting to kill Tom Robinson, another character in the book with different colored skin though. Someone can be a good person but I think if a person decides to go out and kill another person that has done completely nothing wrong to them, I think many people would that murder is something that can immediately turn someone into a bad person.

January 31


In the book to “To Kill A Mockingbird” one of the characters scout asks her dad another character named Atticus, if they are going to win the trial thing they have her dad tells her no. Him defending this person instead of telling him to plead guilty shows a lot of kindness. I think it will be okay to still defend the person he is defending, but still affect his family. I think it is worth it to try even though a person already knows their going to lose, someone will never know if they end up winning. If this character decided not to defend the person he is defending, no one else would and this person would be put in jail, for a crime he was  supposedly framed for.

January 18

Climbing Into Another Persons Skin

In the book “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, by Harper Lee, Atticus explains to scout that she should look at people through their point of view. At the end of his explanation he mentions climbing into another persons skin. I think what he meant by this is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, kind of like to understand how the other person feels. putting yourself in someone else’s shoes means understanding how they feel and that is important because it give people a glimpse of what the other person they are having a conversation with feels. This type of saying “put yourself in someone else’s shoes is very helpful for people everywhere to know so everyone can understand everyone.

January 10

Beliefs and Actions

I like the idea that our beliefs come into action when we are faced with difficult situations. In my opinion it is very true, people just say what they know or believe. Its important for people to know what their beliefs are mainly because they are always going to be there, there may be some beliefs that can go away, but I think the majority of everyone’s beliefs never go away. I think peoples beliefs are formed by the experiences they have had in the past, whatever people see or believe might become part of their beliefs. How beliefs shape peoples actions is what they know what people believe in is how they are going to deal with the situation or their actions.

December 19

The End Is Halfway Upon Us

This semester I worked on one of the goals I was trying to accomplish, that one goal was reading. I used the reading time we had in class and some time I had at home to read. My goal was to get better at reading specifically faster at reading. I like how this semester went I had a good grade overall but for term one I didn’t get a good grade on my blog because I forgot to do comments. I want to continue to keep my grade up in English and continue reading more to get faster at reading.

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