Relentless Collaboration on Ideas

It isn’t often that a phrase sticks in my mind from the “Acknowledgements” page, but this one did.  For me, it captures the essence of the work that is ahead of us.  What can we accomplish if we focus on a “relentless collaboration on ideas”?  This was the foundation for Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy’s newest work, A Rich New Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learningas they collected stories, interviewed people, and made observations.

Their goal was also noteworthy.  What they’ve discovered are students and teachers teaming up “to make learning irresistibly engaging, and steeped in real-life problem-solving”  (i).  As we look to redefine learning in order to prepare our students for lifelong learning, careers, and citizenship, a collective effort is essential.






(Image Source:  Changing Education Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson)

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