What If?

Asking powerful questions sparks conversations that can lead to endless possibilities and potential for growth.  In Learner Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius, Katie Martin opens with the question, “What if?”

Learner-centered innovation is all-inclusive – students, teachers, and administrators.  What if we were all learning together?  How would that change our schools?  What if being learner-centered was truly at the core of our vision?  What would need to change?

The Learner Centered Innovation MOOC (massive open online course) engages a community of educators who want to learn together and grow as professionals.  A community of practice challenges your thinking and provides sounding boards for reflection.  And, the most powerful part is that it spurs you to take action.  For me, one step is to revive my blog.  Writing “out loud” is a scary thing, but it’s important to start.  Small steps count too.

Week one’s question is “Why is innovation in education necessary?”  Technology is changing our world at such a rapid pace that traditional education is not enough to prepare our current students for success.  What’s crucial is that kids must become lifelong learners.  To do that, we must provide them with authentic learning experiences that are relevant and that develop skills and dispositions along with knowledge.  Tapping into student interests, co-creating, building partnerships, and providing opportunities to solve real-world problems are just a few small steps that can be taken to reach this vision of innovation.  Always start with that first step forward.  “What if . . .?”


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