Tech Tools for Learning


Powerful Tools for Learning

Powerful Tools for Learning

As educators, it is well-known that student learning is driven by good instruction, not a new technology tool or program.  It’s the purposeful use of those tools that makes them powerful.  Tom Murray, the Director of Innovation for Future Ready schools, says it best, “Pedagogy drives instruction.  Technology amplifies instruction.”  In our district, some of the tools that we have access to are Google Apps for Education (GAFE), Google Classroom, and Edublogs.  The objective of this site is to provide tools that can meet specific purposes for instruction.


Formative Assessment

Formative  – a real-time assessment tool that provides immediate feedback for students.

  • Options include multiple choice, T/F, short response, and “show your work.”
  • Works on any internet-enabled device.
  • No student account needed

More:  Tech Tools for Busy Teachers –  Formative (11/2015)  Video and steps for creating                              classes and assignments.

Google Forms (surveys) — easy formative assessment that shows data in a spreadsheet by individuals and by a pie chart (depending on the questions).  Great as an exit ticket or get-to-know.

Getting Started with Forms




Edublogs (Although there are many blogging platforms, Edublogs is the supported platform for Alpine School District.)



Feedback Tools

Google Drive


Research Tools

Easy Bib






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