8 Things for a Learner-Focused Classroom

8Things for Today's Classroom - Couros


One of the most influential blog posts I’ve read was this one by George Couros, “8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom.”  Sylvia Duckworth’s use of SketchNote, adds a powerful visual to support the elements explained in the post.  As classrooms become more learner-focused, these eight characteristics should be evident to any observer.  With these elements come motivation, engagement, and those crucial 4 C’s — communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  Could notes like these be an option for students who may not think and write in traditional formats?  How many of these crucial elements could someone observe in your classroom?

Just Start!

Lead Learner

Sometimes, it’s that blank sheet of paper or computer screen that’s the obstacle.  Other times, it’s the worry about what to say that others would value.  In the end, it’s about just starting.  It’s about reflecting, sharing, and challenging yourself to grow as an educator.  So that’s what Crucial Connections is all about for me.  It’s about sharing what I’ve learned from so many in my professional learning network or PLN.  It’s about connecting with others beyond the walls of a classroom, beyond the walls of your school — it’s those crucial connections with others who share your passion for teaching and learning.  So, to that end, I’m beginning my reflective journey, and it will be public.  It’s what we ask of our students . . . so let’s be brave and write with them.