Building a Culture of Reading

Day One Sets the Tone

Providing daily class time to read shows students that we value their regular engagement with reading. . .  Just ten minutes of daily reading can have a significant impact.” (29)
Start right away to get to know students as readers and learn what they need” (30)
Gallagher, Kelly, and Penny Kittle. 180 Days: Two Teachers and the Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents. Heinemann, 2018.


After a quick welcome, Orem Jr. students started their first day of school with a book browse.  Piles of books sat on each table, and as students rotated, they added titles to the list of books they’d like to read.  One class coordinated with the teacher librarian who brought in books organized by genre.

What did you do this last week to encourage a love of reading in your students?

Day 1 book browsing at Orem Jr.