Are books dangrous?

In The Book Theif by Marcus Zuzack, Death said that Hans saw her steal the book called: The Shoulder Shrug. And he was most likely wondering, “exactly what kind of threat this book posed to the hearts and minds of the German people.” And in this case, books are dangrous because if Germans, like Liesel, can read books, then they can know how bad the Germans are. And that is bad for the Germans because they want citizens, like Liesel, to not find out about what they done. And books are liberating because it can change one’s mindset about what you should believe and not to believe.

And in some cases, books can not be dangerous because it can make you have empathy for other people. And this is good because when someone is feeling sad, you can make them feel better than worse. And you can work together a lot better than you can with out Empathy and other good emotions you can get out of books. And you can feel what the character in the book that is feeling at that certain time. So it can go both ways.

Word nerd 1.4 or 1.5….

Scorce: Sunrise by Erin Hunter pg216

Quote: “Are you okay?” She asked  Lionblaze, “You saw it happen?’ LIonblaze gave her a bleak nod but didn’t speak.

In my own words.: Sadness or misery.


Learn to pronounce
  1. (of an area of land) lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements.
    “a bleak and barren moor”
    • (of a building or room) charmless and inhospitable; dreary.
      “he looked around the bleak little room in despair”
    • (of the weather) cold and miserable.
      “a bleak midwinter’s day”

Deep thinker 1.5….

SCorce: Sunrise by Erin Hunter pg 211.

Quote: “In the same instant, Lionblaze spotted a long, dark shadow emerging from the rock behind the kit. It reared up against the gray stone, but Briarkit was too excited to notice. Lionblaze sat bolt upright. Snake!  He bunched his muscles to spring, but Honeyfern was quicker. Leaping down from the rock, she bundled Briarkit out of the way. The snake arched his neck; before Honeyfern could move it struck down and buried it’s hooked fangs in her shoulder. Honeyfern sprang backward with a screech of pain. “Help!”

Context: Briarkit was playing with the other kits while Lionblaze and Honeyfern saw a snake. And part of the warriorcode is to help/ protect kits even if it is from a different Clan. Even at the cost of your life. And so they were trying to save her. But then a snake bit Honeyfern’s shoulder and later she dies from the poison.

This makes me think: This makes me think that Honeyfern was a true warrior. Because she took the risk of dying in order to save Briarkit. And that Berrynose was actually nice to her and that everyone grieved for her.

Deep thinker 1.2 or 1.3

SCorce: Ambush by Obert Skye.

Quote: “That’s true.” Sheriff Pax said. “But combined with the rumors of dragons, this should be Area 51.”

Context: Beck was going to school on a bus but then trees were starting to terrorize the bus and they almost died. And then they had to crash into a pile of rocks because the breaks on the bus were not working. And then then the Sheriff started to interview them about what happened. And ten the Sheriff told Beck that he cant go to school the rest of the school year because he thinks that Beck had something to do with it, (even though that he had some how did).

This makes me think: This makes me think that how can they know about Area 51 when it is in the middle of Nevada. And that Area 51 is nowhere near Kingsplot . And that Something is going on…. So yeah.

Word nerd 1.4

Scorce: Ambush by Obert Skye

Quote: “So, consequently, I had about a week to find a spot to keep them.”

In my own words: the effect of it.


  1. as a result.
    “flexible workers find themselves in great demand, and consequently earn high salaries”
    synonyms: as a result, as a consequence, in consequence, so, that being so, thusthereforeaccordinglyhence, for this/that reason, because of this/that, on this/that account; More

Word nerd 1.2

Scorce: Ambush by Obert Skye

Quote: My angst seemed to have some sort of control over the elevator…

In my own words: It is frustration mixed with anxiety.


  1. Angst is anxiety that is mixed with frustration and negativity. Angst often doesn’t have a specific target: people feel angst in general. Teenagers are known for their angst, which is shown when they act miserable about nothing in particular. Often, angst refers to philosophical displeasure with world events or personal freedom.

Deep thinker 1.2

Scorce: Ambush by Obert Skye pg 178.

Quote: “Kate interrupted me by throwing her arms around me and Kissing me, I kissed back, Marveling at the fantastic direction our conversation was going. She pulled back  and looked at me in the eyes.”

Context: Beck just asked Kate out to prom and she said yes.

What this means: is that Kate and Beck love each other. And that Beck developed a crush on her and that he loves her.

And that makes me happy that they fell in love with each other…. Enclosing, this is what I found.

Deep thinker 1.1

Scorce: Ambush by Obert Skye Pg 122

Quote: “…You cant wait it out like I tried to,  but someday soon it will decend upon you like a personal plauge. It will wrap it’s arms around you and smother you until all you love are dead.”

Context: Beck Phillips keeps on getting beat up by plants and he drove a couple buses in the lake, and his father wants to see him and Beck’s dad is telling him to plant the stone so he can end the dragons once and for all.

This makes me think: This makes me think about how it can affect Kate when he tells her that he has to plant the stone. And that Beck does not want to do this because he is worried that the dragon will pillage shiny stuff like the top of a church house when the other dragon, Lizzy, Pillaged it…. In closing, this is what I found interesting.

Word nerd 1.1

Scorce: Book 4 of the pillage seris by Obert Skye. page 78

Context: “I think that there might be something askew here…”

What is happening: Beck just got terrorized by a cactus.

In my words: I think that askew is a way of saying that something weird is going on.


  1. not in a straight or level position.
    “her hat was slightly askew”

What I look for in a Good Character

So in The Lost Continent by Tui T Sutherland, The main protagonist is Blue the Silkwing. and what I liek about what she did is that we can “Fly” with him and we can feel what he is feeling. And thsi helped me like book #11 even more. Because at the start of the book, he was living a normal Silkwing life. But before Luna’s Metamorphosis happened, Blue and Luna both saw fire under Luna’s scales. And Blue thought that her Metamorphosis would be normal. But when she actually starts is, she starts spewing fire from her wrists and then she keeps on shrecking in pain. And it was Super intense!