Deep thinker 1.2 or 1.3

SCorce: Ambush by Obert Skye.

Quote: “That’s true.” Sheriff Pax said. “But combined with the rumors of dragons, this should be Area 51.”

Context: Beck was going to school on a bus but then trees were starting to terrorize the bus and they almost died. And then they had to crash into a pile of rocks because the breaks on the bus were not working. And then then the Sheriff started to interview them about what happened. And ten the Sheriff told Beck that he cant go to school the rest of the school year because he thinks that Beck had something to do with it, (even though that he had some how did).

This makes me think: This makes me think that how can they know about Area 51 when it is in the middle of Nevada. And that Area 51 is nowhere near Kingsplot . And that Something is going on…. So yeah.

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