2.5 deep thinker


Source: Sign of the moon by Erin Hunter.

Quote: “Toadstep looked disappointed. “You’re the best at fighting,” he told Loinblaze. “ThunderClan’s  so lucky to have you.” I don’t think you’ll ever get hurt!” Brightening, he added, “I’m  going to be like that one day. I’ll defend my Clan,  and none of my emeis will be able to touch me!” Loinblaze suppresed a sigh. If he tries to fight the way I do, he’ll get seriously injured. “Toadstep,” he began awkwardly, “you need to fight like yourself, not like me or any other cat.” “But you’re so good, why wouldn’t I want to fight like you?” Loinblaze’s pelt prickled with embarrassment.  He cast a glance at Cinderheart, who was watching him with a sympathic look in her blue eyes. “Every cat is vulnerable,” he persisited. “Every cat has weaknesses. Part of being a good fighter is being aware of that and-” “Watch this!” Loinblaze broke off as Toadstep hurled himself at the fallen tree, battering it with his paws, scouring his claws down the bark and  grabbing a protruding branch between his teeth. “Stop!” Loinblaze yowled, bounding over the to the younger cat and hauling him away by the scruff. “Throwing yourself into battle like that is the quickest way to get yourself killied.” He stood over the younger warrior, who gazed up at him in shock….. “Hey, Loinblaze, take it easy.” Cinderheart padded over and rested her tail-tip on Toadstep’s shoulder. “Toadstep is enthusistic, that’s all. Glancing at the young cat with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes, she added, “But you won’t get anywhere by trying to kill a tree,” “Sorry, Loinblaze,” Toadstep stammered. “I only wanted to show you….” “I know.” Loinblaze twitched his whiskers. “just remember that every cat has limits, and you need to know what yours are.”


Context: Loinblaze is part of a prophecy and it says, There will be three, kin of your kin, that will hold the power of the stars in their paws.  And Jayfeather, medicine cat of ThunderClan, Loinblaze, and Dovewing, are apart of it… And they have different powers, for Jayfeather’s power is to see in his dreams, (he is blind,) go into other cat’s memories and know what they are feeling and thinking. Loinblaze’s power is to never get hurt in battle. And lastly, Dovewing’s power is to have VERY good hearing, and she can hear stuff from very very far away. And Toadstep admirris him because of the fact that he never gets hurt in battle, which makes Toadstep want to be like him, even though that the way Loinblaze fights is very dangerous. And he does not want Toadstep to get hurt because of fighting like him.


This  makes me fell sad for Loinblaze because the prophecy changed his life forever.



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