“There Is not Always a Good Guy”

Sometimes, when we come across a storie that dose not have a bad gu, or a good one. And what the monster said in the first tale. But when he said that people are in between good or bad realats to real life. Because we make good choices and bad choices. And when we make a good choice, it makes us be “A good guy.” But when we make bad decisions, we are considered “A bad guy.”

How I Survive Hard Things

When I was 8 years old,  on Aug 15, 2014, It was a dark and stormy night. And I was struggling to fall asleep in my little cramped bed. But, then I heard a loud crashing noise that… was…. coming… from… down …the … old, worn… stairs. And of course I was 8 at the time, I wimmpered and I tried to fall asleep faster. And then the next morning, I heard my father open the door, and he dropped his jaw as wide as he could, then he started screeching my mother’s name: LeNeta, LeNeta! Wake up! And at that moment, I ran down the stairs, and my eyes started to dilate. And the first thing I saw, was my mother’s body. Not moving, not breathing, not doing anything. Then, I let out a blood-curdling wail. then my brother came and saw her, and he did the same. Then my dad told us to go over to our next door neibor’s house, then he told them what had happened then they took us too the zoo and yeah. That is how my mom died.

Book reviu 2.1

What I read is Night wispers by Erin Hunter   pages 295

I rate it a 3.89 stars.


How does itt start: It starts by Jayfeather going into Ivypool’s dream and finding out that she is training in the Dark Forest. Because so he can know if The Dark Forest is trying to start training living cats.

How it gets complicated is that Jayfeather going into Ivypool’s dream and finding out that she is training in the dark forest. And then Tigerstar gets more cats to train in the dark forest. And then Flametail goes ahead and play on the lake when it is frozen, it cracks then he falls into the water, then Jayfeather jumps into the water to try to save him. But, Rock came and told him that it was his time to die. So Flametail drowns and everyone blames Jayfeather  cause  he could not save him.


What I liked abut this book is that the friendships in this book are amazing. And Jayfeather decided to face his fear of water to try to save Flametail. And that it is super intense.

What I disliked about the book is that Flametail dies and that Tigerstar has to recruit MORE cats to join the Dark Forest.

Recommendation: And I would recremened this book to whom who like adventure, HUGE cliffhangers and cats.


Deep thinker 2.6

Sign of the moon by Erin Hunter


Quote: “I’m really sorry for taking her out in the first place.” Bumblestripe meowed, giving his sister an affectionate lick on her ear. “No, you did a good thing,” Loinblaze told him. “You listened to what your sister wanted, when the rest of the Clan tried to decide for her.” Bumblestripe crouched down beside his littermate and she wrapped her forepaws around his neck, “We’ll get you home now,” he murmured, beginning to drag her in the direction of the hollow. Loinblaze’s heart ached for the injured she-cat as he watched their slow progress. “That was exactly the right to say,” he meowed to Cinderheart,” “You’ve giving her hope.” “So did you,” Cinderheart responded. “And I’m glad I didn’t have to see you fight that dog!” “Thank StarClan it didn’t have to come to that!” For a heartbeat Loinblaze imagined he could hear the dog barking again, and feel it’s hot breath on his pelt. “I don’t fight for the fun of it, you know,” “I’m so glad you don’t.” Cinderheart murmured. “Well,” Loinblaze meowed awkwardly. “I’d better see if Brambleclaw wants me on patrol.” “Me too,” Cinderheart agreed. The gray she-cat stayed near him as they pushed their way through the thorns…. ,while Millie burst from the warriors’ den and bounded across to her. “Where have you been?” she demanded,  crouching beside Briarlight and covering her with anxious  licks. “I just wanted to go out for a bit.,” Briarlight replied. “Honestly, I’m fine.”Loinblaze exchaged a glance with Cinderheart. “She’ll be okay,” the gray she-cat mewed. “Are you sure?” “I’ll make sure.” Cinderheart’s voice was determined. “She’s my Clanmate. Oh, and Loinblaze,” she added as he headed for the warriors’ den in search of Brambleclaw. “You got something wrong, what you said to Toadstep. To many cats, you are a hero.”


Context: Bumblestripe carried Briarlight into the forest with out the Clan’s permission because she told him that she wanted to go. And he agreed to carry her and then when they got into the forest, there was a dog, and Loinblaze was already in the forest, trying to teach Toadstep how to hunt. Then they heard a dog, and Loinblaze told them that he could take care of it alone, (cause he “cant get hurt in battle.”) And so when they found the dog, they spotted Briarlight laying on the ground, trying to hide because she can’t defend her-self. So they fought the dog and it turned-tail and then Bumblestripe appoligizes for bringing her out. Then Loinblaze told him that what he did was good. Then yeah.


This makes me think: That what Bumblestripe did was good because he listened to this sister when the rest of the cats only try to decide for her.



word nerd 2.7

Scorce: Sign of the moon Erin Hunter.



Quote:  “Watch this!” Loinblaze broke off as Toadstep hurled himself at the fallen tree, battering it with his paws, scouring his claws down the bark and  grabbing a protruding branch between his teeth.

context: Toadstep is eager to show Loinblaze how he fights.


in my own words: Sticking out.





  • 1.sticking out; projecting:“a stocky guy with a furrowed brow and a protruding bottom lip”

2.5 deep thinker


Source: Sign of the moon by Erin Hunter.

Quote: “Toadstep looked disappointed. “You’re the best at fighting,” he told Loinblaze. “ThunderClan’s  so lucky to have you.” I don’t think you’ll ever get hurt!” Brightening, he added, “I’m  going to be like that one day. I’ll defend my Clan,  and none of my emeis will be able to touch me!” Loinblaze suppresed a sigh. If he tries to fight the way I do, he’ll get seriously injured. “Toadstep,” he began awkwardly, “you need to fight like yourself, not like me or any other cat.” “But you’re so good, why wouldn’t I want to fight like you?” Loinblaze’s pelt prickled with embarrassment.  He cast a glance at Cinderheart, who was watching him with a sympathic look in her blue eyes. “Every cat is vulnerable,” he persisited. “Every cat has weaknesses. Part of being a good fighter is being aware of that and-” “Watch this!” Loinblaze broke off as Toadstep hurled himself at the fallen tree, battering it with his paws, scouring his claws down the bark and  grabbing a protruding branch between his teeth. “Stop!” Loinblaze yowled, bounding over the to the younger cat and hauling him away by the scruff. “Throwing yourself into battle like that is the quickest way to get yourself killied.” He stood over the younger warrior, who gazed up at him in shock….. “Hey, Loinblaze, take it easy.” Cinderheart padded over and rested her tail-tip on Toadstep’s shoulder. “Toadstep is enthusistic, that’s all. Glancing at the young cat with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes, she added, “But you won’t get anywhere by trying to kill a tree,” “Sorry, Loinblaze,” Toadstep stammered. “I only wanted to show you….” “I know.” Loinblaze twitched his whiskers. “just remember that every cat has limits, and you need to know what yours are.”


Context: Loinblaze is part of a prophecy and it says, There will be three, kin of your kin, that will hold the power of the stars in their paws.  And Jayfeather, medicine cat of ThunderClan, Loinblaze, and Dovewing, are apart of it… And they have different powers, for Jayfeather’s power is to see in his dreams, (he is blind,) go into other cat’s memories and know what they are feeling and thinking. Loinblaze’s power is to never get hurt in battle. And lastly, Dovewing’s power is to have VERY good hearing, and she can hear stuff from very very far away. And Toadstep admirris him because of the fact that he never gets hurt in battle, which makes Toadstep want to be like him, even though that the way Loinblaze fights is very dangerous. And he does not want Toadstep to get hurt because of fighting like him.


This  makes me fell sad for Loinblaze because the prophecy changed his life forever.



Deep thinker 2.4

SCORCE: Sighn of the moon by Erin Hunter

Quote: “Cinderheart thinks that we have diffrent destinies,” he meowed after a few minutes. ” I don’t understand her.” “I think I do.” Leafpool blinked sympathetically. “And I really believe that she loved you-in fact. I think that she still does.” Loinblaze clawed in frustration at the tendril of bramble that snaked across their path. “Then why can’t she be with me? Why does she have to make it all so difficult?” Leafpool shook her head but didn’t reply. For a while they padded along in silence. As they reached a narrow track that wound it’s way toward the lake. Leafpool halted, tasting the air. Loinblaze thought that she had detected prey, and winced as she darted noily to the edge of a bramble thicket. You won’t catch anything like that! But Leafpool was pushing dead leaces aside with one paw, to reavel three bright yellow coltsfood flowers. “The first this season!” she exlamed. “I’d better take these back to camp. They’ll be good for Mousefur’s cough.” “Do you miss being a medicinecat?” Loinblaze asked. as Leafpool carefully nipped off the stems. “With every breath I take.” she murmurerd “Then what’s your destiny?” Loinblaze mewed, the words tumbling from his jaws. “I mean, if you were meant to be a medicine cat, then you wouldn’t…StarClan wouldn’t have let you and Crowfeather…” Leafpool bowed her head. “Destiny isn’t a path that any cat follows blindly,” she meowed. “It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest.” She paused, then added, “Deep down, I always knew what I had to do, and that’s why I came  to the Clan. Loinblaze, whatever else happens I trust you to know the right thing to do as well. Listen to your heart, because that’s where your true destiny lies.”

Context: Leafpool starts talking to Loinblaze about how that if you follow your heart when times are rough, It will make the right choice for you.


This makes me think that Leafpool will miss being a medicine cat, and this proves it. And will Cinderheart still love Loinblaze?

The book theif movie Reviue

In my opinion, I think that it was super emotional. And I love the relationships that they all go through. They stick up for each other when things get rough. And they made me have more empathy.

What went well with the movie: It did not sweare at all.  And they did not have any baaaad stuff. I love the friendships that the charectors made happy. And when the movie came close to the ending, It made me cry soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. And I HATED the ending.


What the movie did poorly: They did not get the appearances right. And they flip flopped the events. And they did not have any more book burning.

How was the movie different from the book:

They flip flopped the events in it, they made the ending worse and more sad and they got the appearances of charectors like Hans, he does not have silver eyes!

How the movie was like the book.:  They got Rudy right, they had a book burning like they did in the book. And they got what happens at the ending semi right.

What the movie is over all:

I think that it  it was bad. Because they did not even make the ending right. They made it more emotional then it needed to be. And they got Rudy nice like he is in the book.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 because it made me cry.


Wordnerd 2.6

Scorce: Sigh n of the mood by Erin Hunter.


Quote:  She gouged at the earth with her hind claws, biuring the blackbird.

Context: Cinderheart and Loinblaze just had a fight and she desired to bury the blackbird that she killed.

In my own words: Making a big hole.


make (a groove, hole, or indentation) with or as if with a gouge.
“the channel had been gouged out by the ebbing water”

deep thinker 2.3

Scorce: THe sighn of the moon by Erin hunter.



Quote: “It’s a female,” she mewed softly, “Look, there’s moss in her beak She must have been collecting it for her nest. And now her eggs will never be laid. She’ll never go back to her mate.” Loinblaze blinked. He couldn’t understand why any warrior would grieve over a piece of fresh-kill. “It was a good catch,” he mewed encouragingly . “That’s not the point. Cinderheart was still looking at the dead bird. “I always wanted a mate and kits,” she whispered. “But it wasn’t my destiny. Never to feel warmth of fur….never to suckle….” “You’ll find another mate,” Loinblaze told her, trying to confert her even though it wrenched his heart. “You can still have kits.” Cinderheart turned around to face him, blue flame in her eyes. “You don’t understand!” she spat. She gouged at the earth with her hind claws, biuring the blackbird. “I’ll hunt alone!” Without waiting for a response from Loinblaze, she plunged away into the trees.


Context: Cinderheart has memories of being the old ThunderClan mediecinecat, Cinderpelt, who got ran over by a monster (car). Which crippled her and she was forced to become a  mediecinecat instead of a warrior. And Cinderpelt couldn’t have kits cause of the mediecinecat code.


This makes me think: About that what Cinderpelt had to go through. And how it changed her life forever.