Blog Post Lit Circle Project City of Brass

Background and Summary



Our book is set in the Middle East during the turn of the 17th century. It starts with Nahri in the streets of Cairo who is a street teller with some extraordinary gifts. She summons the Djinn warrior Dara and their adventure takes them through the Arabian desert to the mythical Djinn city of Daevabad.  With a mix of political power balances and inter clan feuds you’re taken through the City of Brass and thrown into the intense very fragile courts of the Djinn capital. Our group overall was very intrigued and enthralled by the book as we continued the story. The start was slow but it gets more intriguing as you continue on. I was very enticed by the book with the Middle Eastern feel as you don’t get much like this currently. It throws you into a lot of politics which is good and it gives you a lot of action based scenes as well.

Blog Post #8 Connector

Our group is very unified in the opinion that we like the book and we generally have a very good consensus of what is going on during the book and how we all feel about it. This book is on par with Six of Crows in the writing style and the amount of wanting to dive into the book and keep reading although it gets you very upset. You get a Hogwarts lower fantasy feel where there is the human world as well but also the high fantasy aspect of high magic and huge fantasy based elements. It also reminds me of the empires in the area such as the Mughals as they took over the Sultanate of Delhi as the fall of the Islamic tribes in India started. My prediction is that the story will continue to grow in the depth of what the characters are doing and how the action and reactions fall. On the author She studied the Abbasid and Mughals and that helped her gain inspiration for this and that is a part of her career.

Blog Post #7/Lit Circle #1 Final

The major songs needed in this soundtrack for Six of Crows are the ones describing the characters. The points in the book are good for telling the story but the major ones to tell the story are those of the people. Each song used describes the person and how they feel or the way they act. For example “Lean on me” for Inej. It describes how she acts during the whole book. She is the one that can be leaned upon and that helps you understand and see the story progress. Other ones needed are the ones for Kaz”Jet Black Heart”. Nina”Battle Scars” , and Matthias”Wolves.” Each of these songs shows how the person acts or grows in the story. In this book I loved the depth added to each character and the personal relationships formed within. I also love the story in general as it gives the Ocean’s 8 feel to it. The soundtrack I loved the songs that we picked overall because they were very fitting for certain moments and especially each persons personal song.

#6 Connecting the Dots

The Tree is symbolizing the Sacred Ash tree. It reminded me of the Sacred Ash tree because it is a tall nice tree that is like the tree worshiped by the Fjerdans. Reminded me of the tree with the winter background.

The scaffolding reminded me of the first meeting in the book where they are in a warehouse setting that had an overhead area that is used in the book. Reminded me of the first chapters meeting Kaz and Inej.

The AED is to symbolize the healing abilities of the Grisha Nina who is able to heal others to a certain extent. It reminded us of the moments when she uses her abilities throughout the book. Related to Nina greatly.

The blocks were to show the battle on the docks in the story. It related to the chapters on the dock. She is on raised blocks which reminds me of the construction. It reminded me of that moment where some major points happen.

Blog Post #5 Series Proposal


I want to do the Ember in the Ashes Trilogy. I chose it based on the fact that I have read the first book and first found the book in Ms. Rhodehouse’s Class. It is very enticing and it makes you love the characters and the world that they’re in. I have completed the first book over the course of winter break, I am currently working on the Torch Against The Night and will complete that within the coming week and will start on Reaper at the Gates after that and complete it by Spring Break.

Blog #4 Steelheart Final Project

Animoto Project – Megan, Prof, Epics (General), Abraham, Cody


We chose Professor, Megan, Cody, and Abraham because they are the key players in the story but aren’t the main character who everyone will focus on. We chose them to show a little bit more depth into the characters who are still favorites among many; but are not focused on as much. Each character is shown a little differently than the others seeing as all of them are very complex characters.We also took into account the characters who were most important for the epics in general. They were very important to the story and had lots of depth to themselves similar to the other characters of the story.

Calamity Rises- The Origin of Steelheart

   In the heart of Detroit 17 year old Steelheart had just left his apartment enraged by his parents and their hatred of his newfound friend, the Epic, Black Light. As he rounded the corner to the bus station the thought occurred This time I had enough, enough of the arguing and the suffering everything he experienced with his parents. He left his home for good this time, with all the heart he had left he sent a message to his mother “I left the city to go to live with Black Light. I love you but it had to be done.” The message sent as he boarded the bus never to see his parents again.The bus took him to Chicago the site of the Calamity a research station unlike any other, or that’s what Steelheart was told. Although he wasn’t told of the pain that lied ahead.

    Steelheart arrived at Calamity a few hours after he fled Detroit and smiled as Light waited for him at the door to the station. The pair entered the station and was amazed at the technology inside, the creation of epics! As the pair wandered around the station Black light described her powers to him. “She was a High Epic possessing power unseen before in the time of the epics”.He was shocked to hear but listened as she continued, “she was the only known epic able to generate impenetrable barriers and also travel through space as long as he can imagine the location. The combination brought unforeseen problems such as there not being and sources of light within the barriers but still had visibility.  He was shocked she didn’t tell him this before but knew it was for his safety.

The greatest question Steelheart had was how to obtain powers of his own. Light described a transformation that many undertook to become an epic known as the Synthesis. Steelheart determined to gain power decided to undergo it as soon as possible. The Synthesis brought him to a state of little consciousness while providing pain on another level. The process lasted for hours but what felt like days under the pain. When he awoke he had gained the powers of a High Epic, even more powerful than Black Light.

A week after gaining his powers Steelheart began working with Black Light to establish an empire that was a utopia for epics and humans alike. They worked together fighting epics who hurt others and reinstating infrastructure to the broken city. Although the pair did their best many still suffered at the wrath of many epics powerful ones such as Nightwielder and Conflux. One day they went to the site of an epic attacking a stadium of people, as the pair entered and saw Conflux, the energy wielding epic who killed for fun. As they entered they tried reasoning with him  “we are not here to fight we just want to talk” they told him; but he wouldn’t listen. He shot at Black Light as they approached and killed the unsuspecting epic on site. Steelheart broke into tears as he watched the only person he still loved be killed before his eyes. Wiping his tears he attacked Conflux breaking the epics arms with this own energy blasts. “You will submit to me” he stated tears still streaming from his face. That is where the story begins, of how the pain of losing someone destroyed a once kind man.

Pop Lit #1 About Me

The first time I can remember reading was right before I started kindergarten; I was reading a book of nursery rhymes that were so fun at the time. My favorite books as I got older was the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and are still some of my favorites to this day. I do like to read, I love being able to dive into a world that is not our own and be very creative. I still love the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit but I have added some others such as the Dragon Lance Novels, Red Rising and an Ember in the Ashes, I don’t read tons of books at once or I will confuse myself on plots because I read lots of books that are very similar to each other in genre. I generally read lots of fantasy books which is where the problem comes in with me reading multiple books; I will also read Sci-fi and historical fantasy/historical fiction as well. 

Bhutanese Poem

The poem of The Almighty King is about the king of Bhutan and his reign. It shows him as a leader who loves his people and the people love him. It shows his power and the respect his people have for him at the same time allowing him to be a really good leader who doesn’t let them starve or fail as a country.

The words The Almighty King show a certain image in your head where you see power and greatness; almost a go-like presence is given. In the poem it says a god in disguise which refers to him as not only a powerful leader but also a very humble leader. It gives large contrast to what the title implies.  The wording is amazing when you see that because of the contrast that works to show he is a great leader.

The poem uses semicolons to vary the length of the sentences giving the poem a smooth feeling while almost being a run on sentence.

The main idea behind this poem is the story of a great king in Bhutan who was loved by his people but also knew how to run the country and make it thrive. You see it when it says “You ne’er let the famine creep in and starve us …” and comparing it to later on when it says “reverently, all kneel before you. …” It gives you the feel of how they respect but also love their king. They somewhat see they king as also a god like in ancient Egypt showing that the country is still a great. Saying, Bhutan doesn’t fall even with a monarchy and that’s how they see their country.

News From Bhutan

BBC reported on an issue in Bhutan in mid 2017. The article above states that a border dispute between China and Bhutan started in June of 2017 when Chinese workers were sent in the build an unpaved road in the disputed territory. Bhutan not being a superpower itself was backed by India and some of its troops were sent to stop the work. The article shows the reasoning of India backing Bhutan and their relationship. There is another part to the article where some Bhutanese are wanting more independence from India and their foreign policy. Bhutan overall is a very small country that is also very peaceful and happy. We don’t pay much attention to Bhutan as it is so small but other should know about this because it could lead to involvement of other countries and most wouldn’t know why it happened.