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Background and Summary



Our book is set in the Middle East during the turn of the 17th century. It starts with Nahri in the streets of Cairo who is a street teller with some extraordinary gifts. She summons the Djinn warrior Dara and their adventure takes them through the Arabian desert to the mythical Djinn city of Daevabad.  With a mix of political power balances and inter clan feuds you’re taken through the City of Brass and thrown into the intense very fragile courts of the Djinn capital. Our group overall was very intrigued and enthralled by the book as we continued the story. The start was slow but it gets more intriguing as you continue on. I was very enticed by the book with the Middle Eastern feel as you don’t get much like this currently. It throws you into a lot of politics which is good and it gives you a lot of action based scenes as well.

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