Post #2 – Background Information

Basic Info – Mongolia’s population as of 2012 is 2.8 million people.

Nearly half of the country’s population (1.34 million) lives in the capital, which is Ulaanbaatar.

The only main language in Mongolia, is Mongolian.

┬áPoverty – Poverty has been a big issue but has slowly decreased in recent years. In 2010, the poverty rate was 38.7, and went down to to 27.4 in 2012. The country’s capital stood at 19.8 percent poverty in 2012 which is less than the majority of the people in Mongolia.

Agriculture – Roughly one third of the country’s work force is employed in agricultural jobs, which include raising animals including sheep, goats, cattle, horses, camels, and pigs. They also grow a lot of corn, wheat, barley, and potatoes.

Important Dates

July 11 – July 15 – Naadam Holiday, a holiday that goes 5 days to coincide with the Naadam Festival

First day of the first winter month of the year – Genghis Khan’s birthday, this date is to celebrate the life of Genghis Khan (the founder and the first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire) as his exact birth date is not known.

November 26 – Republic’s day (also my birthday)

Random Facts about Mongolia

Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky”

30% of the population is Nomadic (living the life of a nomad; wandering)

Mongolians are apparently the world’s best horsemen

Mongolian camels have two humps instead of one





Post #1 – Intro

The country I selected to research and learn about is Mongolia! I selected this country because the name sounded very interesting. I want to learn about the culture, especially the food and traditions they have in Mongolia!

What is Mongolia’s population?

What is the food like in Mongolia?

What kind of traditions are most common in Mongolia?