What’s This Got to Do With Me?

I read the short story “A Jury Of Her Peers” where these lady figure out why a woman strangled with her husband with a rope. I have learned two things from this story. The first one is I should never strangle someone or I’ll go to jail. I never want to go to jail so I won’t do that. The second thing I learned is a little more serious. I shouldn’t get mad about smaller things and then over exaggerate things. When I angry at people I honestly loss my freaking everything, but I don’t need to do that maybe I could just take a few breathes.

Suspense and Word Choice in a Free write

Back when I was little I had two bunnies. It was my job to feed them every night. I got home late one night and no one had feed the bunnies yet. I lived on a ranch so the bunnies were across the field. I was terrified of the field especially at night. I got forcefully got on my boots and started to walk across. When I got got there I booked it to the cage. I hurry and feed them. Then I heard a noise in the field. I whipped around and saw nothing. I was trembling. I finished the getting of the food and turned around and I saw a figure towering over me. I screamed at the top of my lung and had a hand come over my mouth. I soon recognized my brother coming to help me feed the bunnies. We sauntered back to the house and I barely got any sleep that night because I was scared there would be another thing tower over me.

Free! Body and Soul Free!

Some things that make kids our age trapped is our friend groups. Our friend groups can sometimes have us be one thing when we are something different. If you are a really outgoing person then your friend group might be quite, but if we don’t be who we really are then you are trapping yourself in the place. Some things might help by getting a new friend group where you can be yourself, or just starting to be yourself in that friend group. People today have struggled with this because everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for being here. To be free is not trapping ourselves in a place that we can handle getting out of.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology can help us do so many things but it is harmful our health and relationships. Technology has given us so many more things to worry about that other generations didn’t have. First of all we have so many disorders coming out from it. People can start to cry without there phone. Something so small some people now days have such a good connection to it. Some better then human connections. Why do we do this? I don’t know. Even I sometimes will be talking to someone and will take out my phone because I got a text or something. We are saying my phone is more important then you and that is not good.

The First Story I Read

I choose to read The Veldt. It is very futuristic and very detailed. The Veldt is by Ray Bradbury. This story is in the future. This husband and wife who have two kids. The parents what a normal life for there kids and they do a good job. They also have this room in their house where you can program it to be what ever you want it to be. The kids are the one who use it and usually it’s Aladdin or a forest, but lately its been getting out of hand. The parents are hearing screams from the room. They go in their and its a savanna with lions feasting on something.

The kids always denied that they do that. What will happen in The Veldt? Read it to find out! I really liked this story. There was the problem right from the start and to just made its way to the end. You didn’t know what was happening at times but it always got sorted out.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have only read one book in class. Ya I know I’m slow, but the book I’m reading is called Fractured by Teri Terry.  I have been reading every time in class and that’s about it. Trust me I don’t read at all, but in class I don’t mind it because I feel like I’m not wasting my time. Anyway Fractured is the second book in a series. It’s a mystery with romance. I really like books like this such as Hunger Games, Maze Runner and other books like that. They all take place in the future which I love. Fractured is about this girl who gets her memory wiped to start a new life and she starts having her old memories come back. I really like this book. It has enough action that I won’t get bored. It’s also not a super long book. I will not read super long books. It is also a series that I like and that never happens. Its also about time and how new and old time matters.

So that is what I have been reading!

I Can Use Figurative Language

A few weeks ago I got a chance of a lifetime. I meet Tom Holland. That morning I woke up at 6 am. I just out of bed like bread in a toaster. I ran downstairs and turned the curling iron on. My mom rolled out of bed to help me. By 6:15 am the iron was screaming with heat. We curled my hair in a rush and backed my backpack for FanX. I ran to the car so we could drive to my cousins house who was going with me. When we got there she was almost ready. I waited inside for 5 minuets and then got in her car. My mom said by to me and drive away. We drove to Salt Lake as fast as we could, but still in the speed limit. We got there at 8:00, hurried and parked. We got to the Salt Palace and got in line for our Tom Holland Panel. I was a leaping gazelle. I could not hold still. We waited in line for two hours then we finally got let in. In the panel room we waited for another two hours. When it finally became time for Tom Holland to come out, I started crying. My poor cousin looked at me like I was a weirdo. I filmed most of the panel but right in the middle of the panel I got the horrible notification. Your storage is out, my phone screamed in my face. I didn’t know what to do. Hurry and went to my photo album and deleted 1,000 pictures. I recorded the rest of the panel. After that I went about the rest of FanX and got my photo op. which is a story for another time.

What Will the Future Be Like?

In 2095, if we keep going in the direction we are going in now, we might be living in the oceans. I hope the technology is better. I’m 70% sure we will have some war in the future. I don’t know when but I’m sure we will have had some. Our cars will be flying. If VSCO girls are still a thing then VSCO has gone to far. There will be some new social platforms. When I’m 80 I hope that there will be something that we can make yourself younger. Also teleportation would be awesome. We could have a mini one in our pocket and get to the USA to Africa in seconds. At home I don’t want everything done for me because I don’t want to be to lazy and a fat old lady sitting on her coach all alone. Anyway that is what I think 2095 will be like.

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

The world today can get mad at little things into big things. That is exactly what happened in World War One. In the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” Sara Teasdale told us that the world would still go on without us. We should not just be blowing us each other. She states “And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn would scarcely know that we were gone.” I think the author did this because, she is trying to tell us not to get mad about little things. The world will still go on and not care. We will be ashamed like we did in World War One. Countries will get mad at another county and will turn it into a big deal, when really it was a misunderstanding or something even smaller. If we can have peaceful things in our heads and actions the world would be more peaceful and not turn it into a scary world for future generations. Life would be more peaceful and not living in fear our whole lives like some people do.

Small Improvements and 1% Gains

Hey guy, back at it.

Today I’m talking about 1% gains. What would happen if you read 10 min a day. Would you get better? I think you would start to learn more and get better at reading. You would start out slow but one day it might soar. Everything we do starts out slow.

You have to work for what you want. Nothing just comes. If I read 15 min a night I would be a great reader in five to six years.

Reading can help with many things. Right now I am a terrible speller, I would fail a spelling test, but reading can help with that. Every time you read you can learn new words. Also reading helps your learning if you read 10 min a night. 

With that little of time you could just change one thing and you can soar in the future. Changing that one thing or two will help you in the future even if it not with reading. Changing your sleeping habit or even your pillow could help with sleep.

That’s my post for today

Peace out!