Love Moderately

I think he is giving great advice, because if you freak out every time your lover leaves the room that is not very romantic. There relationship could possibly lead to either both of the families killing each other or they become friends. They should take this advice because they aren’t even at the proper age of marriage it’s basically like a junior high relationship, don’t get me wrong but that’s exactly whats going on you like each other for a bit you flirt and you make each other smile then you start to loose interest and you stop seeing each other.


So one of the people that I truly hate, but don’t have a full reason why is one of my friends. He thinks that he is the boss of everyone, he guilt trips people and he treats people like horse crap. It’s not just me either though some of my other friends believe this too and we get really sick of it. If we are going to put this irrational issue aside, we all need to learn to stop being a bunch of butts to each other and try to get along. Like my geography teacher said, “Humans can be like crabs, if one succeeds others will try to pull that one back down.” So lets not have one specific friend pull us down to their level, but to work to get to higher levels.

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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

To be completely honest, I don’t feel like Shakespeare should be taught. There are tones of students that come from different cultures and I don’t think those students want to know about a white person that was successful. Those students should study famous writers from their own culture. Even though Shakespeare did make some poems and play that we know and love today, some people don’t enjoy learning about every single detail of him. Students should be able to pick which kind of famous writers they want to learn about. Why learn about Shakespeare when there can be some other writer that could be even better that wasn’t white?

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What I don’t know about my fellow students

The thing I found when I was reading the book and doing interviews is that we all judge people on looks and rumors, like Boo Radley for example, Everyone hadn’t really seen a clear look from him, but rumors spread about him that he was like a freaky demon from hell that stalked people at night, but turns out he is a really nice person, a little creepy but not a monster. We all look at people and assume stuff about people as soon as we see them. I did an interview with Diego Esparza-ortiz, and when I first saw him, I thought he was kind of like a to cool for school kind of kid,(If that’s how you want to say it), but he turned out to be just a guy who’s biggest struggle in life was his braces. Don’t assume what someone likes unless you know them.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I feel like I did pretty good this year on my academic performance this year. I feel like I’m good at doing annotation and asking questions. I feel like the one thing that I want to work on when I finish out this freshman year is the reading part itself, with sports this year I haven’t really had time to read because I would come home and eat, then get ready for practice, for me, Russ and all the other freshman who played football this year that played up, had probably up to six hours of practice every day, And when I got home I did my homework then went to bed. So my plan is to try and set out a certain time of the day to read, scriptures or just a book.

What makes a great person

I think what makes a great person is if someone is selfless. To be selfless you need to think of people other than yourself if they are struggling with personal problems like school or family issues, your should always comfort them and make them feel better and maybe even help them out, like if a mom is holding a baby and looks like she is tired from standing and holding a baby, you should give her your seat, another example is if someone is struggling to carry something, go and help them carry some stuff. Unless you are doing some super important to you, be helpful.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The book had a fun start with Scout or, Jean Louis basically using the outsiders thing where the book starts where it finishes, The Feel like the characters are very relate able to people here now. The thing is though I don’t think I’ve ever met someone like Atticus Finch, my favorite character in the whole book. The plot kinda gets complicated at first, but then things start to get in perspective and you start to understand the relationships of the characters. I liked how the book was involved with the act of rasism, so trying to stop it, what I disliked was that it never really got solved. Image result for racism

The film of Kill a Mockingbird was okay, It is good for a child to watch for a better understanding of the book if they have struggle reading, but for the most part they are missing out on all the little details of the book that is not shown in the movie, I feel like they skipped some of the most important parts of the book, sure they got some of the lines but they missed on some of the stuff that happened before and after certain events. But it is a relief if you don’t like reading

Good Stuff

“There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them” (245), I found this article interesting because in the book, Atticus is the man that defended Tom Robinson who was a black man, and back then that was probably the hardest thing to cover as a lawyer. During the trial a white person can basically say whatever they want and get their way if its against a black person. Atticus chose to be a lawyer, and got unlucky with his job, but he still manages to save Tom Robinson.

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An Authority of Courage

Well, you see when I was your age I struggled with a decision on if Jason Todd was dead or not, he was kidnapped by the joker, each time joker contacted me it was him abusing him with imprinting a J on his face with a metal rod, and shooting him. I couldn’t live with my self after that. Years later I met a man that was full of rage and wanted out of Gotham, buried under the ground. I soon realize that it was Jason brought back using the lazerous pit, and it brought him back to life. So basically what I am trying to say is if you aren’t certain what to do, don’t ignore your decision.Related image

To kill a mocking bird- so far

I think this book is really good so far, the characters are very relate able  to what I used to do when I was there age, It definitely get deep into the understanding of a kids curiosity, I like how they are all curious about Boo Radley and why every summer they have to try to lure him out like he’s some kind of wild animal. I dislike how fast the years go by, before you know it we will be on chapter ten and Jem and Scout will be hitting puberty, also what does this have to do with killing a mocking bird, I haven’t even heard the word bird once this whole time we’ve been reading it. It does have a really good story behind it though, I think that is why it is so popular. I expect Boo Radley to come out and turns out he is just a normal man that everyone used to be afraid of.

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