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Christmas Eve


I love Christmas Eve! First all my cousins go to my grandparents house and we play. Then my grandma makes a delicious dinner. Then when we are all are done with dinner we go to my grandma and grandpasΒ  living room. when we are in are in the living room my grandma gives everyone there presents by age, like from 1-7 8-12 13-16 17-20 and then gives them to all the adults. A few weeks before Christmas we all do a drawing for who we will give gifts to. Then we give our gifts to the people who we drew. The we all say good by and go back to our houses. Finally my parents let us open one present witch is always Christmas pj’s and then we go to bed.


Guess The Answer Emoji Style

  1. 🐢+πŸ‘=
  2. 😾+😼=
  3. πŸš™+😭=
  4. 🎁+πŸŽ‚=
  5. πŸŽ„+🎁=


Answers below




.1 =poodle

.2= Cat revenge

.3= Death

.4= Birthday party

.5= Christmas

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Guess The Food


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Cute Pugs

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Cute Dogs


Yummy desserts 3



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yummy desserts 2

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cute wild animals

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