Blog #2 steelheart’s backstory.

about every Villain in a book or a movie has a reason that they are evil. since we are not really that far into the book I am going to make steelheart’s background. Some of the things that makes a villain who he is usually has to do with something that had happened in his past. I would like to think that he had parents that really loved him and they did everything as a family. They lived in a city where the government was very controlling and didn’t allow you to do very many things with outside. and if you were to break a rule than you were punished. and there was one day where they had broken a law and the government came and took the parents away from steelheart. So since that had happened when he grew up he wanted to have his own city that was made out of steel and everyone that was in or involved in the government had to pay for what they would do to family’s and he would punish them.

He wanted to start his own city because then he would be the ruler of that city and he would make the laws so anything that he did was legal and he wouldn’t get in trouble for it. the only problem he would have is that how would he get the people that are involved in the government to either come to his city or he would have to go and get them. But he knew that going to get them was risky because that’s a way that he would get caught of people saw him. so he had to think what he could do that would get people to come to his city and that was money. His parents were very very wealthy people and he got all the inheritance so he would offer them a job at his city that was fake and they would accept and that way he would get the people that were in the government to come to his city

But then what would steelheart do to the people that he would take and punish. after he would offer them a job that payed very well and they would come to his city. He would actually have a job for them to do so it seemed legit and he would get to know these people and get a better understanding of who he was dealing with and things that they didn’t like so he knew how to punish them. after that then he would actually punish them with whatever their biggest fears were.

But what would he do with the people after he was done punishing them. well since his city was made out of steel he would actually tie them with steel string and and have heavy steel bars that he would tie to their feet if he happened to kill them he would do that and sink them to the bottom t=if the ocean.


Hello, My name is Daxton Brown and I am a senior. I am not a big fan of reading books but I have read a couple. I first learned to read in the 3rd grade at my elementary school. some of my favorite books that I like to read are something very action-packed and entertaining like the Micheal Vey books. my favorite place to read is in my room by myself or sit next to the fire. I only like to read one book at a time because then I know exactly what’s going on.

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