blog post #6 talking pictures

Track Picture: This picture is important because track was her favorite sport that she played in high school and now that she lost her leg she can’t run anymore and it’s hard for her to cope with that because that also what all of her friends did.

Flower picture:  These flowers are an important part of the book because in the beginning when she first found out that her leg was cut off and she was in the hospital there were a lot of flower and balloons in her room and this is a big deal because with how many flowers were in the room it lets me know that she was loved and she had a lot of people supporting her. It also helps with letting her know that she has support because now she can’t run and she has all this stuff to worry about.

Stair case picture: I chose this picture because she has a hard time with going up or down stairs and so when she gets released from the hospital and can go home when they pull up to the driveway she notices that her dad put  ramp in that is right next to the staircase and so she doesn’t really know how to handle it. she is also really worried bout going back to school because she won’t be able to get to all of her classes on time with stairs.

and yes I do think that the author is doing a good job explaining everything but also moving a long with the story at a good pace. i think there are multiple ways that the story could end but there is one way that i think it will end and i’m pretty sure it will end that way. other than that the book is very engaging and i like it.

Blog post #5

well my book is about a young girl that was involved in a car accident. and she ended up loosing her leg and she is a athlete that likes to run.

1. there is quite a bit of issues that the characters are going through right now. She is a runner and that is like her favorite sport and now she cant run anymore. there is financial anxiety because of all the things and procedures she has to go through. and emotionally because of the mom and all her friends and family

2. well she got in car crash with all of her friends and she lost her leg and one of her friends lost her life. so there were a lot of people that were involved in what happened. that is a website that you can donate to and it helps with people that have to get a prosthetic legs or arms. somethings that i have learned about the book so far is that anything can happen even when your not expecting git but whatever happens has happened so now you need to learn how to deal with it because you cant turn back time.

3. i think he did a goof job about just how hard it is that you go from a star runner to sitting in a hospital bed with only one leg. not only that but keeping it together and not loosing your mind an not being mad at the world. and that people truly care about you.

4. so far i like it but i have ever read a book that is like this they have always been action packed but i think i like this style better because it is intense and shows more about how the person is feeling and the emotion.

Steelheart final blog post

steelheart was actually a really good read even though i’m not a big reader. this book kept me entertained and paying attention. in the book superheros vs. humans. I think that the humans do play a big role in super hero books. i think the the humans make the book because it kind of gives a perspective of how a human would reacts and it would relate to us because we are humans. i loved how there was so much detail about it and with all that detail it really helped me understand the book a lot more because i could almost picture it in my head as it was happening so it made it easy to fall along. me and my group focused more on the rebellion side of things and there is actually a lot of things that have to do with rebellion in the book

book talk Firefight

i Did my book talk on firefight. its the second book in the reckoners series. After David kills steelheart he is left with a lot of questions and actually he is hurt pretty bad basically a hole in his heart. and nobody can help him with the questions that he has so then a new Reckoner “firefight” comes a long and David is going on a quest more dangerous than his fight against steelheart to get answers from firefight.