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Steelhert had a nice life becouse he had lots of super powers. he then becomes a super villon. he killes peaple. but then the power he has, took over him and made him go even more crazy. so know hes more evil. he then started getting peaple to do thing for him. if thay didint he would kill them.  Steallheart stood by a window looking over the city he wanted to rule over so badly. All he had to do was destroy the goverment. and if he could do just that he could rule the usa no all of north america no the world.

Stellheart started his plane. he went from city to city recruting thugs criminals and men part of political partys. he then hunted down thoughs who could destroy his planes. he hunted thoughs with as much power as he has and killed them. as a chiled he was nice a normal todler with plane child hood. as a teen he found out he could you’s his power. at the age of 25 he had mastered his power and went out to concor the world. he told him self that with his power he would rule all, and nothing would get in his way.

when he was 30 he had forces some mathia ganges to join him then with them he moved up gaining more favor with highend offitiol and he then secretly killed thoughs peaple who where as powerfull as him.  then with his power he challenged the goverment and slowly but sherly let his name be known amung the public but not as a bad guy but as a hero. he then started to do some good things while doing evil in the back gound.

he then went to a town one day trying to recrut some more thugs to joine his couse. he then was hunted by the millitary. As he went around the town he saw a bank getting robed. so he entered and found a man who he asked to join him but the goverment showed up and interupted them. he then killed all of the gardes. the thug who he was talking to died by being shot by some sucerity gurd with a gun. the gurd shot stellheart so stellheart punched him and then shot him.




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  • rrhodehouse says:

    Nice ideas and action here Daxton. I’d even love to see “dialogue” here if possible. 🙂 I think that would even make it more engaging.

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