Well personally this whole Coronavirus thing has been pretty hard. So many things this year are getting ruined because of it, like Lagoon day! I know that’s still far away, but I was so looking forward to going!! And now we don’t get to, and who know if we’re going to be able to sign each others yearbooks this year. For all we know, Friday could have been our last day of 9th grade at the Junior High! We might never see it again, or our teachers, and I’m really sad about that! And to add onto it, I’m not liking online school very much. I feel like there’s been so much work to do and so much stuff to manage!!! It’s been really stressful  managing all the assignments and making sure that I’m not missing anything and having to get everything in before the deadline! We all have 8 classes to take care of, and juggling all the work between them while trying to not go insane is hard. And man I miss my friends, I never even got to say good bye to any of them! Also yeah I miss actual school…cause online school SUCKS. Anyway other than that I hope that everyone stays well and healthy and I’m hoping that you can stay on top of all your school work, cause right now…I’m drowning.