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I am Emily Day. I love School and love to write on my blog. Thank you for coming onto my blog!

What’s On My Mind!

What’s been on my mind lately has been a sort of story I have been working on with a friend. I absolutely love what we’ve come up with so far and this story is always on my mind now it seems. This story is called, “When We Sleep.” Four kids are trapped in what they call the “Dreamland.” Escape seems impossible, which becomes a greater issue of the rift between world tears greater still. And they grow stronger, it would seem no where is safe anymore. That is the summary we have come up with. It has been very interesting to figure out the details for this story. It’s actually not even going to be a written story, but a comic on an app called, “Webtoon.” I am the lead artist and creating these characters and the world around them has been on my mind a lot. I was litterally thinking about a characters hair style as Mr. Green was telling us about this assignment. The main antagonist in this story has been especially terrifying to have on my mind. They are not to mess around with at all unless you have a death wish. Which is the main problem our characters face inside of the story. These beasts are killing people inside of the Dreamland, and have started to cross over into the real world. So it’s been interesting to have such a wide topic always stuck in my head, but it has been very fun creating this story with my friend. Credit to Sarah Hubert for being lead author in this story. 😉

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

Do not judge people or immediately jump to conclusions. In “A Jury of Her Peers,” most of the people who came to investigate the crime scene assumed that it was her. They didn’t have any evidence of this, but they thought it made the most sense because she was the only other person in the house at the time. This story was also written a long time ago in the past and women did not have rights or much respect at all. So the fact that all of the men automatically thought it was her based on their biast opinions and scarce evidence is relatable. A while ago, lets say that my teacher got the exact same essay submitted from two different people. These two people sit next to eachother, so its obvious that one must have plagiarized the other. The conclusion that the teacher is going to jump to would be whoever submitted the essay second was the plagiarizer. Even though there was not enough evidence to back this up fully, the second essay submitted was rejected and they had to come up with another original idea for the essay. This is an example of how jumping to conclusions too quickly without enough evidence is dangerous and harmful. I was the second person who submitted this essay, and it was truly my original idea. Having the facts and proof that it was actually my essay helped me to get out of this situation and get the other person the punishment they deserved. In “A Jury of Her Peers,” Mrs. Wright really was responsisble, but they shouldn’t have automatically assumed it was her, just like my teacher once did. This is relatable to all of us, and we all should be careful when jumping to conclusions about other people without much evidence. Get your facts straight and in the end everything will be alright.

Suspense and Word Choice

I ran as fast as I possibly could, realizing that this was my only chance. The cold stone beneath my feet clicked as I ran, the echos of people flooding my ears from all around. I flew down the stairs, leaping off the final step towards the closing doors. I reached my hand out and the final streak of sunlight hit me through the closing wooden doors. Hearing too much, feeling too much, this was all just too much, overwhelmed I touched the shut doors for a desperate escape. As I touched the doors they were no longer there as they exploded, sending splinters of wood throughout the room. I expected to be hurt but I didn’t care, I only ran through the tinted purple mist that had mysteriously appeared. Running out into the fresh air gave me a sense of freedom for the first time in my life, only for it to be taken away. A binding force came upon me, forcing me down to the ground in pain. Energy surged all around me, the surrounding trees shuddered fracturing still remaining leaves. Trying to fight this force was useless, my body was paralyzed beneath it’s waves. As I looked up through this surging clear energy holding me down, I saw more and more guards fill in around. They all held identical weapons and released them towards me. Energy bursting through my veins I felt it taking control, there was nothing I could do. I surrendered to this pressing fate, hoping to be free someday like I once was. Vision was becoming hazy, I still tried to hang on. There was one thing for sure. This was the start of something bigger, and I was far more dangerous then I ever knew I was. Darkness engulfed me, and I feared what I could feel was coming.

“Free! Body and soul free!”

The most recent articles that we have read have depicted that women felt trapped. At the time women didn’t have many rights at all and felt uterly trapped by humanity in the environment. Having no rights is one way you can feel trapped but there are so many more. You can be litterly trapped by chains and bars, or figuratively by an unseen force. A common way for students like us to get trapped is homework and chores. We feel as if these things keep us locked away from things that we’d rather be doing. We feel so trapped by the never ending cycle of homework and chores that consistantly have weighing on us that we can forget that the key is in our back pocket. A way to rid ourselves of feeling trapped has always been up to us. If we do all of our homework and manage all of our time accordingly, we can become feed. When our body and mind work with eachother then we can be happy and free, and it’s common to forget that. Here in this day and age we have a choice. We have a choice to free both our body and mind of stress and anything else going on in our life, which is my understanding of what this phrase means.

1st Term Business

Term one personally went very well for me. I got A’s in every class and did a pretty good job on all of my tests too. Although there is always room for improvement in my academic life. My goal would be getting my homework done earlier. Sometimes I tend to procrastinate my assignments until the last minute, and this can leave me up late at night so I don’t get much sleep for the coming school day. So I would love to accomplish this goal of doing my homework earlier so I can get more sleep, because everyone knows that sleep is good for you. Doing this will also raise my performance in my classes because I’ll have more sleep and not zone or nod off in class, giving me the ability to pay more attention. So accomplishing my goal of doing my homework earlier will help me in many ways, and I am excited for term two.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology is a wonderful tool to the world, but we need to be careful not to get trapped by it. Technology is accessible through many ways now, smartphones in our pockets and laptops all over, technology is almost in every corner of the world. Technology is certainly an important tool in our lives, considering that almost every single one of our classes has computers for us to use. We do assignments online, do research for projects, and heck we’re even using technology right now! I’m writing this post and you’re reading it, and I hope you’re not supposed to be doing something else right now because technology sure has a way of distracting us. Technology is designed to grab our attention through advertising and constantly feeding us notifications to keep us hooked. Technology can distract us from more important things like our family and friends, and can keep us from finishing our chores or other school assignments. Even though there is a downside to technology though, I believe it to be more of a friend. Technology has helped us so much and has even raised the earth’s carrying capacity to allow us to continue living in peace on our planet. As long as humans stay responsible with this tool and don’t give it all of their time and attention, we’ll be alright. The earth can be a better place if we’re careful with technology.

The First Story I Read

For this assignment I decided to read, The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury. And I must say that this was certainly one of the most…interesting…things that I’ve ever read. The story starts off with the parents checking on the nursery, a virtual reality room that creates images and stories based on what the child wants to see. The parents had been concerned about the nursery lately because it had only been creating one scene for a matter of months, an African Veldt. Everytime the parents went in there, there was a dark nature to what seemed to be happening. The parents, George and Lydia, had a talk with their children, Peter and Wendy, about the repetitive appearance of the African veldt. The children seemed to act suspicious about it, and this concerned the parents even more. They locked up the nursery out of fear and to help thier children not be as attached to it as they were, but this upset the children. And they had a sinister plan to get it back…

This story was a bit disturbing to me. There were clues and hints to what finally happened in the room throughout the story, but it was so disturbing when my suspicions had been confirmed. I liked the usual technology in the world but the technology of the nursery certainly convinced and frightened me. I certainly recommend this story to people, just be prepared for a dark ending…

What I’ve Been Reading

This year I have felt that I’ve been reading faster then I have in previous years. Though many people can claim that they’re reading seven books at a time, I’m not quite that fast. But I have been finishing books faster this year. I finished, “The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After,” this year and I’m almost done with, “Imposters.” They were both brilliantly written and the school book is actually the third in a series, and apparently “Imposters” was the second book in a series and I didn’t know that. So now I know how that other book ends haha. I am currently reading, “The School for Good and Evil:Quests for Glory,” and I am on page 165 so far out of 568, so I’m getting there. After I finish this book I’m going to read the fifth book in the series that just came out. I believe that there will be more books in the series so I’m excited to continue reading. After I finish that book I’ve really wanted to re-read my favorite book series, Michael Vey. Everything that I’ve read this year has been wonderful and I’m excited to continue this voyage of reading.

I Can Use Figurative Language!

The lake shimmered in the early afternoon sun, casting diamonds throughout the park. Ducks glided gracefully across the water, sending ripples to the shore line. The dock let out a small creak as small children ran past the long legs of their aunts and uncles to see the ducklings paddling below the dock. Each duckling waited for the small crumbs to fall down from their small hands into their waiting beaks. Splashes rippled through the water as a the family dog ran through the shore, sending the ducks fractically paddling away. The smell of steaks, burgers, and hotdogs danced through the sky as the wind whispered through the trees. Children shouted across the field as the ball rolled softly into the pond. Quickly the ball was returned to the game, full of winning determination. Soon, the ball was motionless as it was left alone in the field. Each wooden table once alone and friendless, was now full of family and friends, bubbling with conversation. Legs shuffled beneath the table as the dog searched for scraps of food, finally finding some beneath the children’s side. This small feast of food layed down in the grass was like heaven to the dog. The dog laid down by the side of the table, finally full from it’s feast.

The last sliver of the sun slipped beneath the mountain, engulfing the land in a shadowy twilight. Millions of stars shone from above, diamonds each smiling down to earth. The grass rustled as the wind swept through it, lifting corners of blankets all around. The blankets and jackets wrapped tight around the family with the chill in the air, though they all still looked to the sky, waiting. The sky was a sun as the first explosion went off. Smiles and laughter spread throughout the park as more suns lit up the sky in a vary of colors. Red, White and Blue were illuminated by the fireworks as children ran with sparklers in the dark field. The dog barked at the colorful bursts of light, suddenly calmed by a scratch behind it’s ear. The lake reflected the dancing party in the sky, all night long until it ended. Slowly the park was empty  once more, no more excitement throughout the night. Small ripples spread through the lake as the ducks slept peacefully on the shore.

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

The morning sun slowly rose upon the quiet city, soft humming of the AC in the distance. As alarms go off in my ears, I stiffly step from my sleeping pod onto the heated tile floor. The sensors in my eyes inform me of the temperature of 117 degrees outside, the coolest it’s been for months. I step through my door frame to the hall as a tight plastic suit wraps around me. I step out swiftly, heading to the kitchen screen. The screen shows the low food supply we still have in our apartments fridge. Our building still has weeks before we get more. I tap the quickest option of coffee on the screen and walk down the rest of the hall to the elevator. I step into the single slot, immediately shooting down at high speeds. Sensor in my eye alerts me that my coffee is waiting for me inside my car. I step out of the elevator, heading for the car. The door opens as it scans my DNA from a far. I get into the car and grab my steaming cup of coffee from it’s holder. The car starts up and swerves onto the road. I lean my head forward, turning to look out the window as the car makes everything turn blur, my sensors frantically trying to scan every object we pass. The splashes through the incoming tide of the ocean, the sound of crumpling plastic underneath the wheels. It’s not long until Nebraska is overtaken by the ocean, I’ll have to take a hover train soon to Mount Everest like almost everyone else did so long ago. The car comes to a quick stop in front of the factory as the door swings open. I step out into the ankle high ocean water that has invaded the parking space. I step onto the hover platform that takes me up to the factory door, the smell of salt overwhelming me. I walk in and head right to my station. I pull a shredded plastic bag out of the filter, allowing more ocean water to flow in down the line. Sounds of the machines splitting the salt from water is working harder and harder, the smell of smoke in the air. I shake my head as I pull more plastic out of the filter. Our world will be completely submerged by the ocean soon, I don’t know how much longer our species can survive here. If only we could have stopped global warming…

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